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Finding (and scrapping) a workout routine.

November 30, 2012 by Kendra

Clubfit logo and word collage about clubfit services At this point, I’m about three months into my fitness journey, and I’m really happy with how far I’ve come.  I thought that because of my weight, it would take much longer for me to see results in my fitness level, but I’m so pleasantly surprised to find that I’m able to work harder, faster, and longer, in a shorter period of time than I expected, which is really encouraging.  Also, last night after spin class, another member stopped me to tell me I’m doing a fantastic job, and to keep it up. That kind of compliment from a complete stranger is a HUGE motivator!!! It totally made my day.

After trying a lot of what Club Fit has to offer, I’ve settled myself into a routine.  I love spinning and water aerobics for cardio, and body pump and TRX for strength training, and I know which instructors motivate me the most and when they teach.  There is something very comfortable about my routine; I know what to expect, and I’m less likely to skip a workout when I’m feeling tired or irritable, because it’s such an ingrained part of my schedule.

Sometimes though, I can be a capricious twit!  I crave routine and stability in order to keep up the habit, and then suddenly I want to scrap the whole thing and be a dancing fool.  Thankfully, there’s so much to do here, that I can always find something new to try when I get antsy. I’d love to hear your feedback about how you keep your workout routine both stable and fresh. Please share your tips in the comments below!

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Superhero Transformation, Part 9: Body Pump

October 10, 2012 by Kendra

We all know how I feel about strength training, and about how much I’ve fallen in love with TRX, because it’s not the boring “eat-your-spinach” kind of exercise.  However, I realized that as much as I love TRX, I was going to need to try another new strength training exercise, because it’s not great to do the same thing all the time.  With that in mind, I decided to try a Body Pump class.

Before I took the class, I googled “Les Mills Body Pump” to learn more about it.  I found their website, where they have a series of training videos to help you learn the moves for the workout, which gave me a good idea of what I was getting into.  It’s basically a barbell workout set to music that works out all of your major muscle groups through a choreographed series of exercises.  A Body Pump class is always the same from start to finish, which means you can jump into any class, anywhere, and already know what you’re doing.  I felt confident that this was something I could take on in a group setting with instructor support, so I popped into a class.

Before class began, our instructor (Ann) spotted me as a new face and came over to give me the full rundown of how class works, what equipment I need, and what to be careful of.  I really appreciated her keeping an eye on me during class and giving me corrections, especially since we were working with barbells (the most frightening of all exercise equipment, in my opinion!)  I started with very light weights on my barbell, just to get used to the movement (I added more weight the next time, when I took my second class.)  It was a challenge, but I was able to handle it well, and it felt great!  The music was motivating, and the class seemed to move really quickly.  Even after only two classes, I can already see and feel a difference in the shape of my arms and legs, and I had so much fun doing it!  I’m looking forward to incorporating Body Pump into my workout routine on a regular basis.Superhero transformation Logo and the clubfit logo