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Working the Circuit

January 18, 2013 by Kendra

Woman doing exercises
Thanks to Ty at JV for helping me work through The Circuit, and catching this glamour shot of me on the seated row.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced The Circuit, I highly recommend it!  It’s a succession of 9 carefully coordinated exercises that are geared toward all of your major muscle groups, and it’s really easy to use.  I really like being able to shoot in and out of The Circuit when I’m short on time, and I don’t have 30 minutes to devote to TRX or an hour to devote to my beloved Body Pump.  It lets me get in some strength training quickly and efficiently, and being able to add weight as you get stronger is so rewarding.

My favorite part of The Circuit is that you get a fitness professional with you every time.  Ty helped me out this morning at JV, and I’m so glad he was with me. He adjusted all the seats and handles and levers so much faster than I could, and also kept an eye on my form, quick to guide me in the right direction to get the most out of my exercise.  He also asked me a really great question while we were chatting about this blog. He asked, “How do you think this blog helps people?”

I told Ty about the day before I started on my fitness journey, having been so ill for so long and bedridden a few times, thinking “After all this, how could I possibly become a fit person again?”  I thought that maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for me, or that I would never get to a point where I could consider myself “fit”, or “in good shape”, or that the journey would be so long and hard that it might not be worth trying for.  Fortunately, those fears were shattered for me in my first week at Club Fit, but for some individuals, those fears still exist.  I hope that by documenting my experiences and my measurable progress (however small it may be), and sharing it all with the Club Fit community through the blog, that I might inspire someone who shares my former fears to take one step forward and give it a try.  So if this blog has inspired you in any way, let me know in the comments below, and let’s show the world together that progress in fitness is not only attainable – but fun!

 stated in the circuit 6
The Circuit is clearly marked. Super helpful!

superhero1 800x377 - Working the CircuitWhen you get a chance to try out The Circuit, stop by one of the fitness desks and ask for help getting started. You won’t regret it.