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Pilates; Take 2.

March 8, 2013 by Kendra

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One of the greatest gifts from my college experience (aside from my education) was core stability, thanks to Pilates. My new goal is to rediscover that strength.

More than a decade ago, in college, I studied musical theater performance.  This may sound like a cupcake degree to some, but it was a rigorous and multifaceted program of study that involved every aspect of performance.  In addition to a host of performance classes I spent most of my day in a sweat, moving between movement, dance, and stage combat classes, with instructors who relentlessly pushed us to be our best, and always better than the day before.  Aside from the inherent life lessons there, I’m very grateful to those professors for introducing me to one essential and valuable practice: Pilates.

Almost like boot camp, one professor led us through a 45-minute Pilates mat workout each day of our freshman year at the crack of dawn.  At the time, Pilates was not as much a part of the public consciousness; there were no Pilates studios in town, and no local gyms had classes around the clock as we see now (and as we are so lucky to have here at Club Fit.)  My fellow students and I didn’t even really know what had hit us; we would crawl back to our dorm rooms, cradling our exhausted and sore abdominal muscles, and silently cursing Joseph Pilates for inventing such torture.

After a not-so-long period of time, we all started to notice amazing changes, not just in our physical appearances, but more importantly, in our capabilities.  In dance classes, our leaps and turns got bigger and better. In stage combat we had better balance, stronger “punches”, and we fell down less frequently.  We had greater energy, injuries became fewer and further between, and we improved rapidly in all of our other physical practices.  Even though I carried a significant amount of extra weight, I found myself able to double pirouette with the rest of my ballet class – I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful that felt.  It wasn’t long before we realized that the Pilates mat workouts had given us an incredible gift: core stability.  The workouts we dreaded became practices that we craved, because of the miraculous abilities it gave us.  As upperclassmen, we would continue to practice anywhere we could find time and space; even in our tiny apartments and dorm rooms.  We were converts!  Some days, we’d sneak into those early morning freshmen classes we used to fear, to squeeze in a guided mat class alongside them.  One of my classmates was so devoted to the life-changing benefits of Pilates that she went on to become an instructor after college.

All of these memories came back to me one day as I was looking through old photos from college, and I asked myself, how did I forget how valuable this practice was, and why am I not incorporating Pilates into my workout routine now?  Even though I’ve changed career trajectories off stage and into nonprofit arts administration, the benefits of this practice are no less valuable to me, or anyone, especially when it comes to preventing injury.  I got myself to a Pilates mat class at Club Fit as soon as possible, and I can’t say it was like riding a bike.  After ten years away, it really felt like starting all over again.  It’s hard work, the exercises seem unusual at first, and my abs hurt just the same, but I’m here to tell you that sticking to the practice equates to a really miraculous transformation.  I’m committing myself to rediscovering that core strength, and if you haven’t tried Pilates yet, I encourage you to give it a try – not just once, but a few times, to see what it can do for you.

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Club Fit’s HP 30 The Fast, Focused, & Effective WorkOut!

June 5, 2012 by admin

This week at Club Fit Jefferson Valley we launched HP 30, a new high intensity workout that lasts 30 minutes. From the moment you start to the very end of the 30 minutes you’re engaged physically and mentally through instruction and focused physical challenges that accelerate the overall conditioning process.

The tempo is very similar to what you would experience at any elite level of sports during team and individual practices. Top level coaches carefully plan out their practices to eliminate any extended periods of downtime, by moving from one drill to the next through a designed flow that compliments an overall training objective. For example, HP 30 classes are designed to focus on agility, coordination, & strength with a byproduct benefit of improved balance and stamina. Therefore a typical class will focus on many different types of multi-directional movements, paired with added hand/eye challenges and dynamic strength training. This prepares you for not only any type of athletic endeavor you may choose, it’s also an excellent way to get into top condition.

You may read or hear that high intensity training is the new rage. When in fact it has always existed and been used by athletes to get optimum performance results. Interval training has existed for years in the sports of running, swimming, biking, and overall athletic conditioning. But unlike most workouts on the market today each workout is more effective if it’s designed with a purpose. HP 30’s goal is to improve your movement skills, coordination, and to get fast and effective results while saving you time.

To learn more about High Intensity Training and it’s benefits take a look at this NY Times video. Or come join us and try one class for free, call my office at 914 245-6993.