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Superhero Transformation, Part 4: In Deep Water

September 26, 2012 by Kendra

Whenever I’m away for exercise from a period of time and find myself needing to “get back in the swing of things”, I always return to the water.  I have always loved swimming (and hated sweating) so an aquatic workout is always ideal for me to begin again.  Instead of just laps, I challenged myself this time to try something new, so I took a chance on the Deep Water Workout class.

Our instructor Carol was fabulous, and I was surprised to find out how much of a full-body workout it was!  From far away, I’m sure the small group of us looked like a school of bobbing heads, but underneath the surface we were working hard!  I know from my swimming days (long ago) that moving through water offers twelve times more resistance as moving through air, so every single move you make underwater is twelve times more effective, making an aquatic workout both cardio and strength training at the same time.  The best part was that there was no impact on my joints (a nice break), and I could go at my own pace. An extra bonus is that the water keeps you cool during your workout.

Also, my inner child needs to tell you that the floaty-belt is super fun. I highly recommend this class for all superheroes-in-training. (And really, isn’t that all of us?) Superhero transformation logo clubfit logo