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A Journey With The Hiking Club

April 8, 2014 by Liz

Come with us on an adventure!

March 16, 2014

After an unusually rough winter, there finally was a good day for hiking. The destination today for the Club Fit Hiking Club, was Sprout Brook Park in Peekskill. The temperature was only in the 30s, but the sun made it feel warmer.
hiking in hudson highland, gateway park
At the beginning of the hike, some people looked like Star Wars characters, in their multiple layers of clothing.
A lady doing hiking in hudson highland, gateway park
There were hiking sticks left at the beginning of the trail for people to borrow, for those who did not own sticks or had spouses who drove off with their poles in their car.
People doing Hiking
There was a variety of conditions on the trail. We walked over small streams
One man doing hiking
and next to rivers
People doing Hiking during the winter
over some mud and snow, but most of the trails were in pretty good condition.
People doing Hiking and a tree
Like all Club Fit hikes, there was time for jokes (not sure if Abby is attacking the tree, or pretending to attack our leader),
People doing hiking in the forest
and lots of laughs
landscape hudson highland, gateway park
and beautiful views along the way.
People doing hiking
We stopped for lunch, and a chance for more conversations. Some were discussing life in Colorado, Abby seems to be describing something with her hands. Many thanks to her for the delicious no-bake cookies, and trail mix.
Big group of People doing hiking
Many of us felt warm enough by lunch time, to take off our hats and gloves.
More People doing hiking in hudson highland, gateway park
We posed for a photo
People doing hiking in hudson highland, gateway park
and another one, by a sign posted near the end of the hike.
a woman and her dog doing hiking
One person took a selfie too, to post on Facebook, all while Molly patiently waited.
three Peoples doing hiking
It was a fun day, and a nice place to explore. Thank you, Andrew, for getting us outside and for leading such a great hike. Thank you too to Frank for acting as our sweep. The next Club Fit Hike will be the annual frog one, held in early April. Hope the weather is even better for that hike.