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I finally picked up a MyZone belt, and here’s what happened.

February 26, 2014 by Kendra

An image of Myzone registration form
Signing up at the service desk for my MyZone activity belt.

This past week, I celebrated my birthday, which I have a very different perspective on in my cancer-remission world. Before I started out seriously on a path to health and wellness, I would celebrate my birthday in less healthy ways, but now, I see my birthday as an opportunity to reward myself with a gift that will help me on my new path. Last year on my birthday, I celebrated with an early morning workout and a massage. This year, I gifted myself with Club Fit’s newest toy, the MyZone belt. (If you haven’t heard of MyZone, check out this video to learn more.)

The MyZone belt is an ingenious little device that tracks your heart rate during your workout, and emails you a summary of your results after you’re finished! (What a world we live in, huh?) If you’re working out in the gym, you’ll be able to see your current heart rate, calories burned, and more, right on the nearest screen. I can keep one eye on it to see if I’m working too hard, or if I need to put more effort in, to get the most out of the time I’m putting into my workout. You can also take it with you outside the gym – it will store 16 hours of workout data, and then sync up again next time you get to the gym.

When I first started using my belt, I was really surprised to find that I wasn’t working as hard as I thought, and I needed step up my game a little bit. It also helped me identify the fastest activities to get my heart rate up, so I can use cardio intervals more effectively. It’s super comfortable to wear, easy to put on, easy to clean, and it’s just a really cool piece of technology that is so gosh darn fun to use! I mean, who doesn’t feel like a superhero with a bright red band around their chest?! (Secret superhero handshake, anyone?)

I’m SO, SO glad I made this investment. It has helped me immensely, and I’d recommend it for anyone who is serious about results from their training (or just wants to feel like a superhero.)

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The Fastest & Most Effective Way to Get & Stay in Shape

September 11, 2012 by admin

a metallic man runningKids are back to school and now you’re beginning to settle into your busy Fall routines. Have you scheduled when and how you’re going to workout?

Did you know that your most effective workouts and results can be achieved in just 30 minutes a day! A new study from the American Journal of Physiology concludes that 30 minutes of exercise a day is good, and 60 minutes less effective. Check out this Runner’s World article click here, then don’t waste another minute before signing up for our new Club Fit HP30 classes.

HP30 small group classes (maximum of 6) provide participants a high intensity workout based on athletic training methods. Each class is broken into a series of short interval training segments that focus on dynamic balance/coordination/& strength while improving endurance. This athletic training approach will help enhance any other class or training you partake in at Club Fit, or activities outside the Club.

Besides being both efficient (30 minutes) and effective, you can also create your own class with up to three to five of your friends or workout partners, at a time and day that’s convenient to you. Otherwise check out our HP30 Fall Schedule on the Club Fit website, schedule.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up please call Scott Lancaster at 914 245-6993 or extension 1234.