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Overdoing it.

January 25, 2013 by Kendra

A woman doing exercisesI’ve written about the momentum of my workout routine before, and getting back on the proverbial horse after being sidetracked by life events.  Today, I’ve realized something equally important: not overdoing it.

Since early January, I’ve been riding high on my New Year’s resolution of self-care, and doing what my body tells me do.  I’ve been eating right, sleeping well, and working out every day, so I’ve had a TON of energy…. until, of course, I hit a wall.

My muscles were really sore after a few days of challenging myself with some new and more intense workouts.  I tried some new classes, and increased all the weights I’ve been using for strength training.  One day I woke up, and everything hurt.  Every muscle I had pushed and stretched and strengthened over the last few days was screaming “Give us a break!”  But still, I was encouraging myself to push forward, because I still doubted whether or not I’d “done enough” to warrant a day off.  I was worried about breaking my routine, maybe afraid that I’d fall back into old bad habits of giving up and not going back.

Thankfully, I had my redefined resolution to fall back on.  I reminded myself that recovery is just as important as exercise, and that listening to my body is the most important thing.  So I took a day off, and the world didn’t fall apart. Even better; my muscles relaxed, and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my workout with renewed energy!

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