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New Summer PDH Basketball Coaches at Club Fit

June 26, 2018 by karen

Welcome to our two new 2018 PDHoops Summer Basketball Coaches, Tori Jarosz and Saniya Chong! Both will be Camp Counselors for PDH Summer Camps run at Club Fit Briarcliff. Additionally, both are available for a limited time for Private and Small Group Trainings. Trainings can be booked until the end of August by calling Sarah at 914-250-2760 or emailing

Coach Tori Jarosz

A woman named Tori Jarosz, the Summer Camp Basketball Coach Tori Jarosz
PDHoops Summer Camp Basketball Coach Tori Jarosz

• Won 2 section 1 titles in HS, and 1 state championship for Lakeland HS
• Went on to play one year at Vanderbilt then finished her college years playing for the Marist Red Foxes
• At Marist she was named the 2016 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Women’s Basketball Player of the Year after leading the conference in four categories; scoring (18.8 ppg), rebounding (12.1 rpg), blocked shots (3.0 bpg), and field goal percentage (49.0%)
• Two time all-MAAC first team selection at Marist
• 2016 NCAA division I Women’s Basketball Statistical double double champion with 24 double-doubles in 31 games!
• Has WNBA playing experience with the WNBA Dallas Wings during training camp
• Played professionally internationally in Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Australia and Israel


Coach Saniya Chong

A woman named Saniya Chong, that is Summer Camp Basketball Coach 
PDHoops Summer Camp Basketball Coach Saniya Chong

• WBCA High School All-American
• 2012-13 Parade Magazine All-American Team’s Girls Basketball Player of the Year
• 2012-13 Gatorade New York Girls Basketball Player of the Year
• Won States her senior year in high school and was named MVP
• Section I all time leading scorer in high school with 2,988
• Played basketball at the University of Connecticut (UConn) for 4 years
• Won three national championships during her tenure at UConn
• Drafted by The Dallas Wings in 3rd round and played one full season and part of a second season the following year
• Played overseas in Israel and made it to the Final Four




New Club Fit Staff Member: Grace Kennedy

June 22, 2018 by Human Resources

Grace Kennedy, the New Club Fit Staff MemberNew Club Fit Staff Member – Grace Kennedy

Briarcliff Sports
Summer Camp Counselor

Grace Kennedy is a recent graduate John F. Kennedy Catholic High School and will be attending Elon University in the fall to study Elementary Education. She played on three different sports teams throughout high school and is looking forward to working at Club Fit this summer!


New Club Fit Staff Member: Saniya Chong

June 22, 2018 by Human Resources

Saniya Chong, the New Club Fit Staff MemberNew Club Fit Staff Member – Saniya Chong

Briarcliff Sports Basketball Coach
PDH Summer Camp Counselor

Saniya is an avid basketball player, being awarded WBCA All American in high school, the Parade Magazine Player of the Year, and Gatorade Player of the Year. She attended the University of Connecticut and continued her participation in the school’s team and won 3 national championships. After college, she was drafted by the Dallas Wings in the 3rd round and had the opportunity to play overseas in Israel for her first year. Saniya is a very outgoing person, loves to smile, laugh and have fun.

New Club Fit Staff Member: Jacqueline Cunningham

June 15, 2018 by Human Resources

Jacqueline Cunningham, the New Club Fit Staff MemberNew Club Fit Staff Member – Jacqueline Cunningham

Jefferson Valley Sports
Summer Camp Counselor

Jacqueline is a rising senior at Wagner College in Staten Island. She is studying to become a nurse and is very excited on what is in store for her future. She enjoys helping people and making everybody feel like a somebody. She is the second oldest of six children and spends most of her free time with her siblings. Jacqueline is very excited to start working at Club Fit.


New Club Fit Staff Member: Dominick Dellicurti

June 8, 2018 by Human Resources

Dominick Dellicurti, the New Club Fit Staff MemberNew Club Fit Staff Member – Dominick Dellicurti

Jefferson Valley Sports
Summer Camp Counselor

Dominick is a Junior at Binghamton University. He is currently in the school of management and on track to graduate with a degree in accounting. Dominick has been a member at Club Fit JV for almost 10 years. He is a big sports fan (go Yankees!) and also loves music and all types of movies.


New Club Fit Staff Member: Max Handwerger

June 8, 2018 by Human Resources

Max Handwerger, the New Club Fit Staff MemberNew Club Fit Staff Member – Max Handwerger

Briarcliff Sports
Summer Camp Counselor

Max is a recent graduate Horace Greeley High School and will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall. In high school, Max was on the football team and is also a huge Jets fan.


New Club Fit Staff Member: Noah Brail

June 8, 2018 by Human Resources

Noah Brail, the New Club Fit Staff MemberNew Club Fit Staff Member – Noah Brail

Briarcliff Sports
Summer Camp Counselor

Noah is a recent graduate of Horace Greeley High School and will be attending Cornell University in the fall. In high school, he was the captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team at Horace Greeley and was also a player on the Varsity Football team. He has 2 younger brothers and enjoys playing lacrosse and basketball with them. His favorite food is steak and his favorite color is blue.


New Club Fit Staff Member: Valeria Manent

June 1, 2018 by Human Resources

Valeria Manent, the New Club Fit Staff MemberNew Club Fit Staff Member – Valeria Manent

Briarcliff Sports
Summer Camp Counselor

Valeria is an incoming Sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park, majoring in Environmental Health. Her goal in the future is to improve our Earth’s health and improve human’s health from of the impacts of environmental conditions. This summer, she is looking forward to spending time with her friends, family and joining the Club Fit family.

Keeping Our Kids Healthy by Avoiding Childhood Obesity

February 17, 2015 by Liz

By Ashley DiSalvo, School Teacher and Summer Camp Co-director

When we think of childhood, we think of laughter, playing with friends, and being carefree. However, childhood obesity rates have been on the rise for the last three decades and that means a trend toward devastating physical and mental health implications for our nation’s youth. Luckily, one of the most effective preventative measures is simple: more time spent playing.

The CDC recommends 60 minutes of daily activity for children age six to seventeen. While 77% of children ages 9 -13 reported spending free time on physical activity during the seven days prior to the survey, that number dropped to just 27.1% for high school students! Studies show that by senior year, only 35% of students are even attending weekly physical education classes.

As rates of physical activity decrease, the rates of children and adolescents who are overweight and obese continue to rise. According to the CDC, in 2012, one-third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. Sadly, the obesity rate of children age 6 – 11 rose from 7% in 1980 to 18% in 2012. In addition, children and adolescents are at risk for many of the same weight-related ailments as adults. For example, obesity increases risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Other health issues include joint problems, sleep apnea, and prediabetes, a condition where high glucose levels indicate a high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Since childhood obesity is a strong indicator of obesity in adulthood, these health issues can expand to include greater risk of stroke and certain types of cancer later in life.

As adults, we are constantly bombarded with media outlets that inform us of the newest super foods and how to “slim down in 7 days,” but the reality is that healthy eating habits and engaging in regular physical activity are habits that are formed over time and they are solidified by genuine enjoyment in the benefits of those habits. Who wants to go hike a mountain, or attend a spin class, or challenge their flexibility in a yoga class if they don’t enjoy it? That’s why at Club Fit’s Summer Camp we provide a variety of physical activities such as Zumba, yoga, karate, swim, and a variety of sports so that all of our campers can find an activity that they truly enjoy and can develop into a lifelong “healthy habit.” Regular physical activity in children and adolescents improves strength and endurance and aids in the development of healthy bones and muscles. But the benefits don’t stop at the physical. Physical activity has also been shown to decrease anxiety and stress and to improve self-esteem. In addition, an increase in self-esteem is linked to greater academic performance as reflected by achievement and more time spent on task during the school day.

National trends depict us as a nation less inclined to physical activity as we age and therefore more apt to develop life threatening illnesses. At Club Fit’s Energy Camp, we encourage children to develop healthy and active lifestyles by providing opportunities for physical activity that are more aligned with “play” than “exercise.” Whether the campers are trying out pickelball for the first time or taking tennis lessons from a pro, summer camp is one of the best ways to introduce children to a variety of physical activities that can help establish lifelong healthy habits.

A little girl playing

Learn more about how your kids will stay healthy and active at Club Fit Summer Camp!

Click here to Meet our Camp Directors!

Want to get your kids involved in an activity or sport now? Check out some of our ongoing programs for kids by visiting the “Sports” section of our website!

Here are just a few things we offer:

Flag Football
Sports Nights
Football Kickoff
Pick-up Sports
After School Sports
Sports Scramble
Self Defense

We offer programs for various ages from Preschool all the way through High School and Adulthood! Come visit us and try our facilities for free and see what living a healthy lifestyle in a healthy family oriented environment can do for you!

Kids should Lead Active Lifestyles!

February 13, 2015 by Liz

By Summer Camp Co-director and School Teacher, Kristyn Reczek

Get kids off devices and into an active lifestyle! They may just thank you for it!

In today’s society, most of us rely on technology to communicate with our friends and family. Cellphones, iPads, and computers have become such a large part of all of our lives, including even our youngest children. Kids today are using various types of technology to learn from, play on, and stare at. Although, there are many benefits from our ability to use technology so readily, we should also want to show our children how beneficial it is to put down our technology devices and be active. “Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence improves strength and endurance, helps build strong bones and muscles, help controls weight, reduces anxiety and stress, increases self esteem, and may improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

During the school year, kids are allotted time for activity during physical education. Over the summer months, camps can provide a great source of physical activity for our kids. Educator, author, and psychologist Dr. Peter Scales stated “Camp is one of the few institutions where young people can experience and satisfy their need for physical activity, creative expression and true participation in a community environment.” Activity during a camp day can include playing games and sports, dancing, swimming, or even just running around. But, camp can also help children to build healthy social skills. Camps help children to interact with friends but can also help them to interact with new peers that may turn into new friends. Many children of today find friends not only in school but also online, through social media websites and even by playing video games. Camp provides them with the opportunity to interact face to face with peers to create new friendships.

Summer camp is a fun and interactive way for kids to put down their cellphones and iPads, step away from their computers and enjoy physical activity with some old friends and maybe even some new ones.

Meet our Summer Camp Directors, Kristyn and Ashley!

To learn more about Summer Camp at Club Fit Briarcliff or Club Fit Jefferson Valley! We also offer Tennis Camp at Briarcliff and Jefferson Valley and Swim Lessons at Briarcliff and Jefferson Valley!

Sign up today and receive 15% off enrollment!

A boy playing in a big inflatable pool
Summer Fun at Club Fit

Meet the Club Fit Camp Directors!

April 10, 2014 by Liz

Two young women smiling
Ashley (left) Kristyn (right)

We’d like to take a few minutes and introduce you to two extraordinary long time members of the Club Fit team: Ashley Di Salvo and Kristyn Reczek. They are also going to be the Camp Director Rockstar duo this Summer! These lovable, talented and accomplished ladies will be the ones making sure your kids have the time of their lives this year!

Meet Kristyn Reczek!

I grew up in Mahopac, NY where I attended high school, playing a variety of sports including basketball and field hockey. Throughout high school I worked as a part of the Mahopac Sports Association, recreation league, as a coach and referee. I discovered my love for working with children as well as athletics in one place. Through my work in high school, I realized that I wanted my work with children to become my career. After graduating from high school, I attended Pace University where I received Bachelor’s degrees in education and mathematics as well as a Master’s degree in special education. I now work as a math teacher at Somers High School where I work with children in a classroom setting but enjoy that I am able to have a work experience with kids in an athletic setting, at Club Fit.

As I began my college career, I also began working at Club Fit. I have been a part of the Club Fit staff since 2008 when I began working in the Energy Center. I was able to again combine my love for working with children with my love for athletics. In 2010 I became an Energy Camp counselor and then took on an administrative position the following year. Being a part of Energy Camp is a one of a kind experience. I am excited to start this new position as an Energy Camp Co-Director along with Ashley and am looking forward to yet another exciting summer!

What I love most about Energy Camp is getting to meet new campers and counselors every year as well as seeing those that are returners. I also love Pizza and Ice Cream Fridays and afternoons with DJ Hopeton! I think it is important for kids to come to camp, but especially ours, because we have campers from a wide area and we can help kids form friendships that they may never have formed in a school setting. I also enjoy that we provide our campers with a variety of activities so they may be able to try something knew that they never would have tried before, like kickboxing or zumba or tennis etc. I would love to continue working with Energy Camp for many years to come and see it evolve and grow into an even better camp than before.

My personal philosophy is to always do what you love and believe in what you do. I have always loved working with children and I am so happy that I have been able to do so by working at club fit. I am so excited to be working with camp at a director level this year because I am really able to make our campers truly enjoy their summers through the program that I have helped create along with Ashley!

Meet Ashley Di Salvo!

I grew up in Garrison, NY where I played basketball and lacrosse at Walter Panas High School. After high school, I attended Penn State where I discovered I wanted to be a teacher. Following four years of Blue & White pride at Penn State, I took a year off to travel before completing a Masters of Literacy Education at NYU. Currently, I teach at the Windward School in White Plains. I love that I get to spend my extra time at Club Fit where I get to not only support a healthy lifestyle but I also get to spend time engaging with children outside of the classroom through our camp programs.

Six years ago I began working at Club Fit Jefferson Valley as a camp counselor. I spent two years there before transferring to Briarcliff where took on a different role as the Assistant Camp Director. Now, as we eagerly wait for warm weather to grace us, I am looking forwarded to taking on yet another new role as a Camp Co-Director with Kristyn Reczek!

This will be my 7th summer with Club Fit and I love that I’ve had the opportunity to work at both clubs as well as both a counselor and a director. I feel like this has given me perspective on how to interact with parents as well as how to understand what it’s like to be a camp counselor. I strongly believe that great counselors are what allow campers to have memorable experiences.

I love summer camp because it provides children with an opportunity to explore new interests and to often step outside of their comfort zone. I love that summer camp gives kids a place to make new friends outside of their schools and to find role models in their counselors.

My long term aspirations are linked to my personal philosophy. I always try to go with the flow and keep my mind and heart open to new opportunities, experiences, and ideas. I believe that by doing this, we allow ourselves to continuously grow and discover new passions therefore creating a future that is open to change. I think that if we teach children to have this mindset, they will have endless opportunities to experience all life has to offer.

Two women clubfir members smiling

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend Club Fit Energy Camp

June 26, 2012 by Liz

If you’ve been to camp, you’re not surprised when you hear about the benefits of summer camp. Experiencing life at camp yourself as a child, you know the profound positive effects that still matter to you as an adult, and you also know that you want the same thing for your own children.

But if you didn’t go to camp as a child, you may not realize just how good the experience is for children. You may not know why so many parents are committed to sending their children to camp. So here is a list of the top 10 reasons to send your children to camp and why to send them to Club Fit Energy Camp:
Two little girls in the pool with their trainer
1. Choice – There are camps that focus on academics, sports, music, drama, arts and crafts, technology. Summer camp is where children often discover their passions and their talents. Energy Camp at Club Fit is a sports oriented camp where your children will experience a wide range of sports, fitness, swim and outdoor activities on a daily basis.
2. Confidence – At the end of the summer, campers are ready for school because they have mastered new skills, learned to be part of a team. Campers at Club Fit learn to be part of a team which carries with them for lifetime.
3. Character Building – It is at camp where the underachieving child suddenly takes a leadership role in a project; the shy child assumes the lead role in an team activity; an overachieving child learns to help others. All of these experiences build character and develop leadership skills which your child will experience at Club Fit Energy Camp.
4. Community – Children are under the same roof and with the same adults and peers for an entire day. Club Fit Energy Camp creates a close-knit community among staff, parents and children.
5. Employment – Most camps provide teens with their first job. It is this job training experience that allows many teens to be successfully employed outside the camp setting in later years. Counselor’s at Club Fit are young adults of which working with children is the professional direction they are pursuing.
6. Physically Active – As children spend so much time these days inside and mostly sitting down, camp provides a wonderful opportunity to move. Club Fit Energy Camp is geared to promote good health, exercise, running and swimming. Club Fit Energy Camp is ACTION!
7. Exploration – For many children, camp provides opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, giving a better understanding to their future passions. Club Fit Energy Camp offers a wide variety of activities that change day to day to help peak your child’s interest.
8. Mentoring – In the past few years, scientific research has shown that the single biggest predictor of success for young people is the presence of one or more non-parent adults in a child’s life. We have seen time and time a strong bond created not only between campers but also between camper and counselor.
9. Quality Time – One week of summer camp is equivalent to one month of after-school activity.
10. FUN! – Ask children about their summer camp experiences and you will hear “I live for summer camp,” “I can’t wait for the summer to come,” and “Summer camp is where I found my best friends.” It’s what Club Fit Energy Camp is all about…..FUN!!!