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January 24, 2014 by Karen Cornetz

Think Fit For Kids

Five years ago, Kim Gilman and her family began a journey that no parent ever wants to travel. Her son was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor, followed by surgery, radiation therapy and months of chemotherapy. Thankfully, their story had a happy ending.


But it wasn’t just an ending. It was also a beginning for Kim, leading to her involvement in A Kid’s Brain Tumor Cure, a non-profit dedicated to finding more effective, less toxic and less punishing treatments for brain cancer in children. Kim, a Club Fit Briarcliff member and mother of three, now works in development for the organization, and is chairperson of Think Fit For Kids, an annual event that is growing into a major source of funding for the organization.


Think Fit For Kids 2014, scheduled for March 16 (mark your calendar!), is in its fourth year at Club Fit Briarcliff, and has raised more than $650,000 since 2011. “The greatest thing about it is, every penny goes to research, and the doctors I’ve met are very optimistic that this research is going to make a real difference in treatment options,” says Kim. “The other great thing is that the event itself is so amazingly positive. It’s great to see parents and kids working out together and just experiencing a truly ‘feel-good’ day.”

Part of Kim’s focus is on raising awareness in the metro NY area. The AKBTC Foundation has grown into an international effort that has supported conferences of world-renowned researchers and clinicians as well as 26 research projects at institutions around the world. “I was shocked by the lack of government funding for pediatric brain tumor research, and feel like our work really makes an impact,” says Kim.


Kim’s connection with Club Fit also plays a role in her success, in a number of ways. “From day one, Club Fit has been so supportive of our efforts,” she says.  She also credits her workout routine to helping her in her work. “I do my best thinking in Spin class!” she says, and feels that all parents and caregivers can only benefit from making an effort to be healthy. “You can’t take good care of someone else if you aren’t in a good place yourself. I truly feel both my mind and my body are healthier when I make exercise a priority.”


Think Fit For Kids is open to both members and non-members of Club Fit, and local vendors have generously donated to all aspects of the event, from the extensive silent auction and food to the DJ and other activities. “We originally considered holding a private event, but when it became open to everyone, we discovered that members in for their regular workouts were curious and joined in on the fun. Since that first year, we’ve developed quite a following!” Kim is happy to report.


For more information on this year’s event, visit
And be sure to join in on the fun on March 16th!

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