Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons
Instruction available for the phobic, beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer of any age. Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons are great for adults who want to improve their swimming and are recommended for anyone who is fearful of the water.

Adaptive Swim Lessons
Adaptive Swim Lessons are designed to provide swim instruction for all special needs groups. Lessons are designed in a consultative fashion, with the option for parent involvement, both in the water are on land. Adaptive Lessons are designed to develop and improve one’s self-esteem, confidence, and self-discovery with the intention to gain life skills.

Adult Group Swim Lessons
Adult Group Swim Lessons is a program geared toward adults with a focus on basic swimming skills. Classes are developed into two categories. Individual needs will be accommodated at the participant’s pace.

Kids Swim Lessons – Level I
Children must be at least 4 years of age (children ages 2 1/2 – 3 years old should take Pre-School Swim Lessons). The objective of this class is to help the child feel comfortable in the water. Skills to be introduced: water adjustment, breath control, buoyancy, entering/exiting water, front/back kicking with support, and using arm strokes for short distances. No flotation devices will be used.

Kids Swim Lessons – Level II
To enter this class, children must be able to perform exit skills from the Level I: Water Exploration class. Children will learn to fully submerge underwater, increase breath control, glide on front, float on front/back with/without support, flutter kick on front/back, and begin to swim the front crawl.  Treading water is introduced in this level.

Kids Swim Lessons – Level III
To enter this class, children must be able to perform exit skills from the Level II: Primary Skills. Children will be focusing on front/back crawl. This class will also features treading water, and elementary backstroke and focus on streamlining.

Kids Swim Lessons – Level IV
Children must be able to perform all of the skills in Level III to enter this special 45-minute program. Children will focus on developing front/back crawl, elementary backstroke and breaststroke. This class will increase a swimmer’s endurance by swimming strokes for greater distances.

Kids Swim Lessons – Level V
A special one hour program designed for children ages 6 – 12 years old to lay the foundation for swimming at the competitive level. This class covers the principles and proper techniques for all competitive strokes, kicks and turns. Distance and sprint training will be covered in each class.

Kids Swim Lessons – Level VI
Pre-Competitive Swim Team allows for younger swimmers, aged 5 – 12 years old, who have progressed quickly through group or private lessons to continue to advance their skills without being on the competitive team. With the Pre-Competitive Swim Team, the emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals of the 4 strokes with concentration on the technique while exposing the individuals to a team environment.

Parent Infant Swim Lessons
A parent or caregiver is in the water for part of each class, acting as a co-instructor. The goal is to build confidence to ease the transition into independent lessons. Students will be introduced to floating on their backs and front, jumping in unsupported and submerging. Toddlers enjoy exploring water activities that promote the development of arm and leg movements as well as breath control.

Preschool Swim Lessons
Children ages 2 – 3 years old are introduced to the basic skills. These skills lay the foundation for developing water competency and the future skill development of swimming strokes. In addition, your child will start to develop positive attitudes and safe practices around the water.