Club Fit Briarcliff Swim Team

Swim Season Runs: September 6, 2017 through July 27, 2018

The Club Fit Briarcliff Swim Team is a competitive age group swim team located at Club Fit Briarcliff and is under the guise of USA Swimming.

Club Fit Briarcliff Swim Team has seen high levels of individual improvement while participating in USA Swimming while also nurturing and strengthen team bonds. The schedule allows for team members to participate in activities other than swimming while maintaining high scholastic efforts.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide an environment where excellence and commitment are expected. Through the pursuit of achieving ones goals, individuals will learn valuable life skills and develop a drive to attain success. We want our swimmers to learn the proper technique, know how to race fast, set goals and achieve them. Our program focuses on positive reinforcement through competition. We want to develop quality swimmers who are honest and respectful to everyone in their community.

Mission Motto: “I can. I will.”

Club Fit Briarcliff (CFB) is a United States Swim Program run by Coach Marc Quintiliani. All coaches are trained by USA Swimming and will provide quality swim instruction and training in a unique environment.

Below you will find our current coaches. 

Head Coach: Marc Quintiliani
Assistant Coach: 
Jonathan Garcia

The coaching staff aims to provide an environment in which swimmers are the primary focus. Swimmers will have the opportunity to be challenged while focusing on proper form and racing technique. In correspondence with Club Fit, team goals are inclusive within the club’s core values. The core goals are simple and center around four basic thoughts that are carried through each session, every day of the season.


Tryouts will be held in the Aquatics Center and require an appointment. To schedule an appointment with our swim team coaching staff, please call Marc Quintiliani at (914) 762-3444 ext. 2102 or email We look forward to meeting you!

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Dry Land Conditioning

Dry Land is an integral part of a competitive swimmers training program. Our program will focus on core, flexibility and swim specific exercises for building strength and coordination. For success as a swimmer, it is important to have technical skill, muscular balance, flexibility and core strength. We look to improve performance with a focus on injury prevention. Coach Beth will develop your swimmers overall strength in and out of the water. Dry Land training plays a significant role in the progression and development of your swimmer. Please try to attend all Dry Land practices!

Instructor: Coach Beth