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PDH comes to Club Fit to bring you an Elite Basketball Training Program!

Player Development Hoops, LLC is an elite basketball program that focuses on improving basketball skill and basketball IQ as well as helps players to grow overall as athletes.

PDH mission statement:
Player Development Hoops (PDH) focuses on developing and empowering young athletes both on and off the court. We are focused to not only make our young athletes better basketball players but to help them grow overall as young adults. We will provide a challenging yet fun environment that allows our athletes to create lifelong friendships and basketball skills. We strive to teach our athletes the whys behind the game of basketball, helping them to get an edge on their opponents. It does not matter what level you are when you start with us with each player we will build on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Through time, effort and commitment we believe our players will get better and have fun doing it.

PDH Coaches:
The Coaches and trainers of PDH have high school, collegiate and professional team and individual coaching experience. Our staff has collectively worked with over a dozen professional basketball players (both male and female) and countless college athletes. They are dedicated to working with the players to help them achieve both on court and off court goals. Players will learn how and why to make a certain move as well as how to function on a team. Our staff does not stop once the clinic, training or camp does. They are fully invested in their athletes to help them in their basketball career as well as to be a positive role model for them.

PDH will offer basketball trainings on weekdays and weekends for ages 9 years old all the way to professional basketball players, vertimax conditioning and agility trainings, weekend and weekday school’s out clinics and camps.

PDH Training Programs:

Basketball Trainings:
PDH offers high intensity training for athletes serious about basketball.  Our trainings are designed to get players high repetitions while still focusing on teaching the players the correct way to perform the move. With a small group size we are able to alter each workout based on the group that day and hone in on more specific skills the players want to practice.
*team trainings are available upon request

Elite Basketball and VertiMax Training:
Basketball trainings combined with speed, agility, strength and explosive training on the VertiMax. The VertiMax uses resistance band training to help enhance players speed, quickness, agility, vertical jump and overall strength. We will couple basketball drills with VertiMax drills throughout the hour to give the player the overall competitive advantage.

PDH Camps and Clinics:
Camps and Clinics highlights:
• Professional Coaces Mickey Carey and Dan Ricci
• Skills and drills designed to increase your ability to play the game
• High repetitions performing moves learning the right fundamentals
• Contests and live game play!

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