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Building Strength

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Building Strength

Next session starts April 5th.

You build a house by first setting a strong foundation to avoid problems down the line. The same holds true for us when exercising. By building a strong foundation, we reduce the risk of muscular imbalances and eventual injury. Additional benefits of this type of training are increased muscular endurance, better balance, and better coordination.

In this hour-long class we will use equipment such as the stability ball, BOSU, TRX straps, medicine balls, and dumbbells, as well as body weight, to gain strength while developing a strong foundation. We will begin with self-myofascial release and dynamic warm-ups and then proceed through a circuit of two rounds of 12 stations that work all muscle groups. We will end with a stretch. LEVEL: From advanced beginners to intermediate.

Limited to 6 participants.

Contact us if you have questions.