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Club Fitt-er

Member: $300.00
Non-member: $450.00
Child of member: N/A

6-week Sessions
January 4th–February 8th
February 22nd–March 28th
Saturdays from 6:50–7:50 in the Fitness Center

The Sickness – Wellness – Fitness Continuum: 

  • Sickness: Requiring medications for environmentally controllable diseases. A majority of the American population falls into this category.
  • Wellness: The absence of need for medical intervention. Many of your fellow gym-goers fall into this category.
  • Fitness: Posses the skills and abilities to not only participate, but thrive in life and any chosen physical activity.

What does it mean to be fit? Well, let’s start with some benchmarks: Can you squat 1.5x your own bodyweight? Can you run a 5k without training for the event? Fitness is not just about abs and tank top ready arms. The outward appearance of our bodies is the product of what we’ve use them for. If you do manual labor for a living, your body will be the physical representation of said labor. If you sit at a desk for 60 hours each week, your body will look very different that of the aforementioned laborer. And if you are a professional athlete, you will likely look like your sport. This is NOT a coincidence, but it IS 100% your decision. In Club Fitt-er, we’re going to train for life… and you’re going to look like you did!

The Gritty Details:

  • Toys: Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, rowers, things to hang from, things to jump on, etc.
  • Time: Varied intervals and dynamic measurable fitness challenges.
  • Team: We are going to build a tribe of strong, capable Club Fitt-ers looking to train while looking like they train.

Contact us if you have questions.



I have to share my excitement after being a member for 20 years, about coach Jason Reyes’ Saturday am Club Fitt-er class! I have never picked up a barbell in my life, thinking I was strong as I am. He got me over my fear and now I am stronger than I thought I could be! The class is for all levels and it is so worth the additional fee as each person gets an individual workout plan, nutritional advice and goals weekly which include commentary from Jason. This is in addition to the Saturday class. For anyone, any level that wants a new challenge, a way to reshape your body, and understand the importance of barbell training and strength to overall fitness and health. Try this class — it has been life changing! — Club Fit Member  Laura Bentivenga-Massy

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