Club Fit | Class Fear NOT the Water

Fear NOT the Water

Member: $196.00
Non-member: $312.00
Child of member: N/A
*4-pack session pricing
Single Class Member: $49 | Non-Member: $78

An adult introduction to Aquatics

Wednesdays & Thursdays | By Appointment | 30 Minute Private Lessons
Join us on Wednesday, November 6th from 10:00–10:30 am for a complimentary group introduction class!

This program is a private & personalized Aquatherapy class instructed by Maria Alleluia or Marc Quintiliani. This is a pre-requisite course for swimming,where instructors are sensitive to your concerns regardless of your age or challenge. Using sensory techniques and mental imagery, this program is designed and specialized to individually fit your needs and make you feel comfortable in
the water.

This class is for you if…
[ ] You’ve never done Aquatics Fitness
[ ] You’ve never learned to swim as a child
[ ] You’ve had a traumatic experience in water that you haven’t overcome
[ ] 
You’re afraid of deep water
[ ] You’re too nervous to submerge your head under water
[ ] You’re afraid to let go of the edge of the pool
[ ] You’re scared to get water in your ear, nose or eyes
[ ] You hold back your kids from going in the water, due to your own fears
[ ] 
When you go on vacation, everyone is in the water but you
[ ] You are unable to enjoy the swim up bar at that beautiful resort
[ ] You want to increase your passion for swimming

Your instructor will put you at ease in the pool with their soothing guidance and support, and at the end of your session you will be able to conquer your fear, take control, and be one with the water.

Payment required prior to lesson. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required or you will be responsible for payment.

Our Swim Diaper Policy:
Accidents happen! In order to prevent as many fecal related incidents in the pools as possible, all children ages 4 and under are required to wear 2 Reusable Finis Cloth Liners when using the pools. Linens are available for purchase at the Service Desk, 2 for $24.  We take keeping a safe and clean aquatic facility seriously.  Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Make up Policy/Sick policy:
Participants are allowed 2 make ups WITHIN your registered session so long as the Aquatic office has received notification 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Make ups will not be honored after the session has ended, we cannot guarantee you will have the same instructor.

If you have any questions, please contact the Aquatics Office at (914) 250-2796 or

Contact us if you have questions.


“I have been very happy with my lessons with Maria. She is an excellent instructor for the adult learner like myself. I had a phobia about putting my head in/under the water and could not do the crawl stroke, both of which I wanted to overcome. I have made significant progress thanks to the approach Maria uses to desensitize and teach skills. She is very patient and builds one’s  mastery one step at a time at a pace that feels comfortable. Maria conveys  why each component is important demonstrating a good understanding of body mechanics in the water. She observes the swimmer very carefully and makes suggestions to create success. Most importantly she is very enthusiastic and confidant in her student’s ability to succeed. I strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to enhance their skills and enjoyment of swimming.  You may share this feedback with Maria.”

– Cornelia Schimert

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