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Fitness Swimming with Maria

Member: $45.05
Non-member: $72.08
Child of member: $65.19

30 Minute Private Lessons by Appointment

Private & personalized Aqua-therapy instruction with Maria Alleluia.

  • Learn at your own pace, improve your overall fitness, feel empowered, and have fun in the process!
  • Be safe and comfortable in and around the water
  • Increase mobility & flexibility
  • Build strength & endurance
  • Protect your joints
  • Improve your posture and balance

NYS-certified Water Safety Instructor Maria Alleluia will facilitate a personalized course of instruction designed to fit your needs. Maria will help you become confident and comfortable in the water so you can utilize the pool to increase your overall fitness. She will incorporate props & equipment (Aquaboot, Aquatic Fitness Gloves, Aquatic Barbells, etc.) to further enhance your workout and enable you to add more variety to your daily exercise program.

Water workouts are perfect for anyone who is new to water or fitness, has limited mobility, is recovering from surgery, or those who love
water and are looking for a low-impact routine.

Maria Alleluia is a New York State certified teacher with a master’s degree in special education and a certification as a Water Safety Instructor. Maria has taught children and adults of all ages. She uses aquatics as her “go-to” for fitness, recreation and mindfulness. She has always been drawn to her passions of teaching and swimming. She is sensitive to one’s needs regardless of age or challenge. Personalized instruction is available for the phobic, beginner, intermediate, or advanced swimmer of any age.

Payment required prior to lesson. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required or you will be responsible for payment.

Our Swim Diaper Policy:
Accidents happen! In order to prevent as many fecal related incidents in the pools as possible, all children ages 4 and under are required to wear 2 Reusable Finis Cloth Liners when using the pools. Linens are available for purchase at the Service Desk, 2 for $24.  We take keeping a safe and clean aquatic facility seriously.  Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Make up Policy/Sick policy:
Participants are allowed 2 make ups WITHIN your registered session so long as the Aquatic office has received notification 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Make ups will not be honored after the session has ended, we cannot guarantee you will have the same instructor.

If you have any questions, please contact the Aquatics Office at (914) 250-2796 or

Contact us if you have questions.



“I’ve met with Maria 3 times now, and each time has been really great! I’m progressing, having fun, and the happy glow from my time in the pool with Maria follows me all the way home and is still with me when I climb into bed for the night.

When I phoned the Aquatics office to ask about lessons, I was extremely close to cancelling my membership at Club Fit and had started looking at other places that might offer private swimming lessons for adults as well as aquatic exercise classes. I just wasn’t feeling very happy with my experiences at Club Fit.

I’m so very happy that I picked up the phone and gave the Aquatics side of Club Fit a chance. I love working with Maria, and it seems to me that swimmers are a friendly bunch of people. Now I feel like I found right place.

When I first met Maria, she’d said something about the Club letting its membership know about her “Swimming with Maria” program and assumed that was how I found her. It wasn’t. I’d never heard of the program, but I’m happy to have fallen into it.”

-Fay Williams

“I have been taking swimming lessons from Maria Alleluia for some time now. I appreciate the methodical and organized way in which she teaches effective swimming. The first lessons involve: (1)  water safety; and (2) buoyancy. The training is done so that you fully relax and are confident  while in the water.

Maria then teaches methods by which to breathe ( ie. slowly exhaling while your head is in the water and fully inhaling when you come up). Again, the emphasis is on relaxation while breathing. Once these concepts are familiar and your body is trained to relax while buoyant and breathing, the proper movement of the lower body ( hip and leg movement) is taught.

At this point, Maria refers to the movement of your body through the water as a “ vessel”. Breathing and movement of the lower body become, with practice, instinctive. Thereafter, the proper  movement of the upper body ( including shoulders, hips, arms and hands) are taught and practiced.

I have found success with Maria’s methods as she breaks the problem of effective swimming down into small parts. As you master one part, you can incorporate another part. In a reasonable period of time, you are swimming effectively and efficiently, in a very relaxed and confident manner. As your practice continues under her supervision, you become a real swimmer.

This is extremely good for your health and well being, as it combines a cardiovascular, strength and flexibility movements.”

-John Hughes

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