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Fitness Swimming with Maria

Member: $45.05
Non-member: N/A
Child of member: N/A


Instructor will…Utilize the water to facilitate venues to workout in the pool. Aqua equipment will be provided to enhance one’s workout. Instructor will… Facilitate an individual swim class designed to one’s needs and levels. Maintaining one’s water comfort level yet being challenged will be key maintained. Instructor will…encourage, motivate, and find creative ways to utilize the pool for your overall fitness.

30 minute class.
How to Swim & Fitness in Water
For people new to water/fitness (Target is seniors)
Resistance training, floating. Props/aquatics tools will be used in class (Aqua-boot, Aquatics Fitness Gloves, Aquatic barbell)
Low joint impact.
Safe and fun.
Empowerment Help gain mobility, good for post op as well as arthritis.
Will obtain awareness to different thinks to increase fitness in water.
Love for water, aqua therapy, comfortable

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