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Functional Foundations

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Functional Foundations

Do you like TRX, but want to amp it up a little? We’ve got you! 

Our new Functional Foundations class is designed to build a strong foundation on which your body can build while pushing you to the max. Functional training involves conditioning the body for the movements associated with daily life, helping prevent pain incurred by everyday activities. We will be targeting movements rather than muscle groups.

There will be minimal equipment usage in class; we’ll be primarily utilizing bodyweight exercise. We are focusing on functional training, mobility and unilateral training. This is NOT a HIIT class or a high-intensity class. This training will help build overall strength and make you feel stronger!

This class will help you build strength, power, body awareness, and mobility that will translate from the turf to the real world. Get ready to push, pull, lift, crawl and squat your way to a stronger you. Get ready to prepare for everyday life.


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