Club Fit | Class MELT to Enhance Performance & Improve Stability

MELT to Enhance Performance & Improve Stability

Member: $25.00
Non-member: $40.00
Child of member: N/A

Check back for new dates and times.

Improve your sport/workout, prevent injury/heal injury, improve balance/core function, sleep better, enhance all functions of the body.

This self-help treatment will prevent injury from compensatory movement due to repetitive habits of everyday living. If you play tennis, golf, cycle, run, walk, lift weights, play baseball, dance, do yoga or Pilates, sit at a desk, or sit anywhere a lot, text, or just live actively doing anything, you are dehydrating your connective tissue matrix. Let Marisa teach you how to hydrate, calm your nervous system, give you that competitive edge in your sport, or just keep you doing what you love longer, and without pain. Learn how simple MELT techniques using specialized balls and rollers can improve your lateral movement, your grip, shoulder, hip and spine flexibility, posture, balance, and so much more. The workshop taught by fully certified MELT instructor Marisa Duffy. She has been teaching the techniques and continues to be trained in the Method for almost 15 years.

Registration and form required, one week prior to start date.

Contact us if you have questions.


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