Club Fit | Class Nutrition Lecture with John Markell, RDN

Nutrition Lecture with John Markell, RDN

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Thursday, May 27th at 10am – Virtual/Zoom Lecture

How much thought have you put into the phrase “you are what we eat” lately? Many of us think about gastrointestinal health only when we’re not feeling our best or things aren’t going “smoothly” so we could all benefit from a gut check. Our GI tracts are part of our body’s microbiome and are home to millions of microorganisms that play indispensable roles when it comes to supporting a fully-functioning immune system and healthy metabolism. At this month’s nutrition presentation, learn about how you could be eating to maximize your GI microbiome and other key ways to live in harmony with those little critters by going with your gut and signing up today.

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John Markell is a Certified Personal Trainer, Classically Trained Chef, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. He firmly believes that understanding the role food plays in the body is key to unlocking one’s peak physical fitness. While working as a chef, John spent several months at Tulane University’s School of Medicine in New Orleans developing and teaching their proprietary culinary medicine curriculum to everyone from the most tenured clinicians to complete nutritional novices. This lecture was created by combining the same evidence-based approaches and culinary insights John has used over the years to provide education regarding important nutritional considerations to make when striving to lead a heart healthy lifestyle.

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