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Nutrition Lecture with John Markell, RDN

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March Topic: Food Quality Considerations
Tuesday, March 10 at 5:30 pm
Friday, March 13 at 10:00 am
Wednesday, March 25 at 6:00 pm
Thursday, March 26 at 11:00 am
You put a lot of hard work into being the best version of yourself, so shouldn’t the food you eat do the same? With an ever-evolving food supply and so many options to choose from, trying to figure out if what we’re buying is at its peak nutritional value can get pretty overwhelming. Organic versus conventional, fresh versus frozen, cage-free versus free-range; there’s a lot to process from produce to poultry. This presentation will help you make sense of some of the most popular terms and smartest buying decisions to suit your needs and improve the nutritional quality of your life and possibly keep some extra money in your pocket.

April Topic: Bone Health
Tuesday, April 21st at 10:30 am
Wednesday, April 29th at 5:30 pm
We all know lifting weights can build strong muscles, but did you know it’s one of the best ways to strengthen bones, too? What we eat can play just as crucial a role in maintaining healthy bones throughout the lifecycle. This month’s lecture will cover how proper nutrition can help ensure you’re bringing your A-game to all things skeletal frame as well as some healthy behaviors and exercise tips to keep your main support system in tip-top shape. Make no bones about it, looking and feeling good is beyond skin deep so come and learn how to eat and exercise your way to better bones!

John Markell is a Certified Personal Trainer, Classically Trained Chef, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. He firmly believes that understanding the role food plays in the body is key to unlocking one’s peak physical fitness. While working as a chef, John spent several months at Tulane University’s School of Medicine in New Orleans developing and teaching their proprietary culinary medicine curriculum to everyone from the most tenured clinicians to complete nutritional novices. This lecture was created by combining the same evidence-based approaches and culinary insights John has used over the years to provide education regarding important nutritional considerations to make when striving to lead a heart healthy lifestyle.

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