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Nutrition Lecture with John Markell, RDN

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Thursday, September 23rd at 6pm

Ever wonder what all the words and numbers on food labeling mean when it comes to nutrition? Are you looking to make more informed and healthier choices when buying your groceries but aren’t sure how? Join Club Fit’s Registered Dietitian and Culinary Nutritionist, John Markell, where he’ll help you build the skills to make sense of all the “stuff” your food is trying to tell you and personalize your approach to making choices that can be as delicious as they are nutritious. Please feel free to bring packages or labels with you along with any questions.

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John Markell is a Certified Personal Trainer, Classically Trained Chef, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. He firmly believes that understanding the role food plays in the body is key to unlocking one’s peak physical fitness. While working as a chef, John spent several months at Tulane University’s School of Medicine in New Orleans developing and teaching their proprietary culinary medicine curriculum to everyone from the most tenured clinicians to complete nutritional novices. This lecture was created by combining the same evidence-based approaches and culinary insights John has used over the years to provide education regarding important nutritional considerations to make when striving to lead a heart healthy lifestyle.

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