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*Pricing varies by type of training. Please see below for rates.

Meet our highly qualified team of trainers and nutrition experts available to provide expert coaching and education by appointment for training individually or with a small group of similar fitness goal people.  

There’s tons of information and programs designed by professionals available online to help you get in shape, but it can be a smart investment in your health to take a more personalized approach. Hiring a personal trainer at Club Fit is an excellent option.

The professionally designed program your trainer creates will be focused on your fitness level, areas of interest and goals. You’re less likely to bail on your workout when professional holds you accountable, and a trainer gives you that extra push out the door when you’re trying to decide whether or not to do your workout. 

Still not convinced? Here are a few other benefits of working with a personal trainer at Club Fit: 

  • Motivation – Get the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jumpstart your routine 
  • Confidence – Allows you to become confident with how to perform exercises, use machines and navigate through the facility 
  • Consistency – Helps you overcome all the excuses you might use to avoid your commitment to exercise 
  • Injury prevention – Taking the time to learn proper exercise technique can improve your results and prevent annoying injuries 
  • Fun – Our personal trainers make exercise both effective and fun 

At Club Fit our Personal Trainers are certified by at least one nationally accredited fitness organization and hold college degrees in physical education or exercise-related fields Our partnership with NASM/AFAA ensures our trainers continue learning the latest exercise protocols and recommendations. We will make sure your trainer is well matched to your goals and fitness experience.

Master Trainers — A Step Above
Multiple certifications, education and/or experience allows our professionals to offer specialized training in the following areas: Sport-Specific, Post Physical Therapy, Medical Populations, Pre/Postnatal, Body Building & much more!

One-on-One Partner or Small Group Training

Specialities include: Sport-Specific, Pre- and Postnatal, Nutrition Analysis and Support, Seniors, Yoga/Pilates Mat, Aquatics and Special Populations.

Appointments can be made for 30 or 60 minutes


General fitness, weight loss and sports-specific training. By appointment.

Member Rate: Personal
 1/2 Hour Session: $53.00 $63.00
Hour Session:  $75.00   $90.00
12 Sessions: $825.00     $990.00
24 Sessions: $1,575.00     $1,890.00

Duo Training

Train with a friend! By appointment.

group of 2 — per person
Member Rate: Personal
 Hour Session: $44.00 $51.50
12 Sessions:  $484.00   $566.50
24 Sessions: $924.00     $1,081.50

Group Training

Train in a group with similar goals. By appointment. For more information, or to get started, please contact Fitness Director Donna Berta at dberta@clubfit.comcreate new email 

group of 3 — per person
Member Rate: Personal
 Hour Session: $41.50 $49.00
12 Sessions:  $456.50   $539.00
24 Sessions: $871.50     $1,029.00


group of 4 — per person
Member Rate: Personal
 Hour Session: $39.50 $46.50
12 Sessions:  $434.50        $511.50
24 Sessions: $829.50       $976.50

Quick Start

Workout time limited? Try Quick Start… thirty minutes with a Personal or Master Trainer, two times a week for six weeks.

Member w/ Personal Trainer: $583.00
Member w/ Master Trainer: $693.00

15-Minute Training Package

Success Starter

Maximize every second of your time with this simple routine that’s as effective as most hour-long training sessionsWake up your body, your muscles, and your metabolism with this quick workout that allows you to get in a good sweat with little to no equipment at all. 

How it Works: This quick routine uses a HIIT structure and a combination of both HIIT and core intensive exercises to bring you results in minimal time. The only thing you need for this workout is some motivation, a warm up and cool down, but we’ve got you covered there too. 

Warmup/Cool Down: Designed for you by your personal trainer to activate and recover your muscles.  

Workout: A combination of both HIIT and core intensive exercises 

Total Time: Up to 15 minutes 

Personal Trainer  Master Trainer 
15 Minute Session$26.50  15 Minute Session: $31.50
6 Sessions: $159.00  6 Sessions: $189  
12 Sessions: $318.00  12 Sessions: $378 

Nutrition & Personal Training Lifestyle Package

Lifestyle Package 

While exercise and nutrition are both important in your journey towards your fitness goals, combining them has been consistently shown to help you achieve effective, balanced and lasting results. 

To help you achieve the best results possible we have put together the ultimate lifestyle package by combining personal training with nutrition services. The Lifestyle Package includes a comprehensive nutrition assessment and one hour of nutrition counseling customized to your personal needs combined with personal training.  

We offer Nutrition Lectures as well as Nutrition Sessions from our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, John Markell 

Non-member surcharges

Hour Session: $20.00
12 Sessions: $220.00
24 Sessions: $420.00

*All personal training packages expire one year from date of purchase. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid being billed for a session. If a partner training appointment has only one participant, a one-on-one fee will be charged.

For more information, or to get started, please contact Fitness Director Donna Berta at dberta@clubfit.comcreate new email 

Personal Trainers:

Contact us if you have questions.

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