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Private & Semi Private Lessons

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Lessons By Appointment

All Private & Semi-Private Lessons are provided by American Red Cross Certified Instructors.

Instruction available for the phobic, beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer of any age. Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons are great for adults who want to improve their swimming and are recommended for anyone who is fearful of the water.

Single sessions or packages are available for purchase. All packages expire one year from date of purchase. Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons are based on the student and instructor availability, and can be booked nearly any day or any time.

Payment required prior to lesson. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required or you will be responsible for payment. Lesson rate will be charged based on number of participants as shown below. If the second participant does not show for a semi-private lesson, the private lesson rate will be charged.

Master Private Lessons (One-on-One) Member Child of Member
1 lesson (30 minutes) $45.05 $65.19 $72.08
Pack of 12 lessons (includes 1 free) $495.55 $717.09 $792.88
 Master Semi-Private Lessons (Group of 2) Member Child of Member
1 lesson (30 minutes) $39.75 $57.24 $63.30
Pack of 12 lessons (includes 1 free) $437.25 $629.64 $699.60
Master Semi-Private Lessons (Group of 3+) Member Child of Member
1 lesson (30 minutes) $34.45 $49.29 $63.60
Pack of 12 lessons (includes 1 free) $378.95 $542.19 $606.32

Pool Temperatures
We offer different classes and skill levels to accommodate each student’s individual swimming goals. Lessons are taught in a fun-filled environment where students learn the basic techniques of swimming and safety skills are emphasized. Water temperature is kept between 84 – 88 degrees in the Program Pool and a little cooler at 79 – 82 degrees in the Lap Pool, an ideal for comfort.

Bad Weather
The Aquatics Center closes for 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning, which on some days may be reoccurring. To inquire if the pool is open or if your class has been canceled due to thunder or poor road conditions, please contact the Service Desk at (914) 762-3444 for the most up-to-date information.

Our Swim Diaper Policy:
Accidents happen! In order to prevent as many fecal related incidents in the pools as possible, all children ages 4 and under are required to wear 2 Reusable Finis Cloth Liners when using the pools. Linens are available for purchase at the Service Desk, 2 for $24.  We take keeping a safe and clean aquatic facility seriously.  Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated.

All participants are required to check in at the Service Desk before each class. If payment is due, please take care of it at this time before class.

Contact us if you have questions.

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