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Samurai FT Master Class

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ONE DAY CLASS October 2nd | 10:30am

Music. Movement. Art
SamuraiFT MMA is a 5 module one day class and you will learn the fundamentals of how to move as a FIGHTER.

1. Foot Work (Tai Sabaki)
a. Body Move
b. Play Ground
c. Music | Rhythm | Tempo

2. Basic Strikes (Music Based)
a. Jab | Cross | Hook | Muay thai elbows
b. Basic Combos | Music
c. Head body Movement

3. Basic Kicks (Music Based)
a. Front | Side | Lateral | Roundhouse | Back
b. Knee Strike | Check | distance
c. Combos applying different directions

4. Basic MMA (Music\Movement\Art)
a. Shadow Fighting
b. Heavy Bag\ Bob\Standing Bag

5. Freestyle MMA
a. Headphones #Samuraimind
b. Frequency
c. Workout GOALS

About Founder Fransisco Sanchez With the heart of a true Warrior, a Samurai must hold loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor above all else. Tap into your inner Samurai as you challenge yourself with this martial arts inspired class that challenges your entire body with cardio and interval training drills all synchronized to high-energy FREQUENCY MUSIC for an incredible workout.

Next Class:
October 2, 2021
10:30AM - 11:30AM
Gymnasium (Full), Briarcliff

Contact us if you have questions.


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