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Tai Chi for Wellness

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Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practice that can be done for self-defense, stress management, for better health or all of the above. “ Qi” or life force is generated by doing a series of silent, fluid, and seamless slow-motion movements coordinated with the breathing. Tai chi has also been called the Perfect Exercise. Regardless of age or fitness level, you will benefit from improved balance, coordination and overall health and well-being.

For people who wish to improve their health, fitness, ability to focus, balance, flexibility, coordination, stamina, strength, body posture and endurance, this class is for them.

Tai Chi emphasizes a calm and peaceful mind-body connection. The practice of Tai Chi stimulates the central nervous system, helps to lower blood pressure, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system, enhances elimination of wastes and the circulation of blood, and channels the flow of Chi through the body’s meridians.

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