Club Fit | Class VertiMax for Youth Athletes

VertiMax for Youth Athletes

Member: $150.00
Non-member: $300.00
Child of member: $225.00

Perform at your highest level with VertiMax!

Ages 12–15

These sessions are for youth athletes looking to gain an edge on the competition. By training with the VertiMax you will become faster and more agile by developing explosive power and lateral quickness providing you the ability perform at your highest level.

Lower-body reactive power is the most vital attribute any athlete can possess. It’s the key to explosiveness, speed and power generation. It’s what makes plays and wins games. No training system ever designed will do more than VertiMax to increase lower body reactive power! Whether you are a point guard, short-stop, wide receiver or outside hitter — no matter what the sport — VertiMax is the one piece of equipment that will make a difference athletes can feel and give results you will see. You’ll see it where it counts… during COMPETITION!

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