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Fitness Center | Westchester, NY | Club Fit

Fitness Center

Welcome to Club Fit… a world apart from fitness as usual.

Our spacious fitness center has something for every fitness level — traditional selectorized equipment circuits, free weights, functional turf training space, indoor track, cardio equipment, a just for women area, and our Functional Fitness Turf!

Functional Fitness Turf | Westchester, NY | Club Fit Briarcliff

Our fitness mission is to make everyone feel supported and welcomed. Our fitness programming includes both free and paid classes to offer you a variety of training options. Our Fit Coaches are available to assist you to with set up and ensure a safe workout. We run multiple free group fitness classes daily in our fitness center to make the most of the functional training equipment available and our great fitness staff. View our current group fitness schedule.

Fitness Introduction: This 60-minute appointment will cover the operations, communications, the “how to” for our website, class schedules, and use of the member self-service website and our mobile app to book appointments and sign up for classes. In addition, a Fit Coach will help guide you towards any resources or offerings that you may be interested in. You will be introduced to the Fitness Center while formulating a plan for how to use your membership to reach your fitness goals. You’ll also have the opportunity to take a Fit3D scan — a quick assessment that sends a 3D image of yourself and your circumference measurements to your private email — a great tool to see progress over time.

fitness-briarcliff-workout-clubfitPersonal Fitness Plan: A follow up to your Fitness Introduction. One of our Certified Personal Trainers will assess your current fitness level and develop the best plan for you to succeed with your individual health and fitness goals. We will assess your biomechanics by having you perform three guided assessments. Based on your assessment, the Personal Trainer will put you through a workout focusing on your fitness goals. Find out more about our training options and pricing. Looking to further enhance your performance? Improve plyometric power, strength, quickness, responsiveness and more with VertiMax Training. Want to get more out of your workouts? Try a Myzone heart rate monitor.

The Facts: Resistance training of moderate intensity should be an integral part of adult fitness. In addition to the development and maintenance of muscular strength and muscle mass, the physiological benefits of resistance training include increases in bone mass and in the strength of connective tissue. Other health benefits include prevention and management of many chronic conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, improved sleep quality, reduction in depression, increased metabolic rate and reduced body fat.

HOIST ROC-IT CIRCUIT: A timed interval circuit in which you perform one minute on a strength machine alternated with a timed cardio interval on the steps. The machines biomechanically move with you to maintain postural alignment, core stability, with exercises targeted to the large muscle groups.

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THE CIRCUIT: Keiser-pneumatic technology offers variable resistance machines for the first-time gym member to the athlete. Safe, effective and easy to use.

Just for Women: A space designated for women that includes cardio, selectorized equipment and free weights.

We also offer a Cancer Wellness program, designed to meet the special needs of people undergoing and recovering from cancer treatment.

Have more questions about what makes our Fitness Center unique? Send us an email at

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