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Keep Moving ~ Burn Fat ~ Strengthen Your Core ~ Tone Your Muscles

Are you new to fitness?
Perhaps a senior member who needs help conditioning your muscles to do the things you used to do?
Are you an avid exerciser wanting to be the best version of yourself?
What about an athlete training for the next level?

Let us help you discover what Functional Fitness is all about!


Functional FoundationsGreat for anyone new to fitness.
Do you like TRX, but want to amp it up a little? We’ve got the class for you. This class is designed to build a strong foundation your body can build while pushing you to the max. This training will help build overall strength and make you feel stronger. Get ready to push, pull, lift, crawl and squat your way to a stronger you. Get ready to prepare for everyday life!

CFXGreat for anyone wanting to get a good workout in, who has been an active exerciser, and is looking for high intensity.
This small group class cycles through four workout models over a 10-week period to concurrently improve all functional abilities, including flexibility, core stability, balance, strength, power, and cardio-respiratory endurance.

JUMP STARTGreat for anyone that wants a great warm-up.
Join us in a 10-minute warm-up to promote blood flow, muscle activation, and mobility, all while raising your body temperature in preparation for your workout.

ACTIVE RECOVERY Great for anyone post workout.
Join us post-workout to cool down and promote recovery in your body. This 10-minute session is designed to enhance flexibility, reduce soreness, and increase recovery.

HOIST ROC-IT Great for anyone new to fitness or has slight physical limitations.
New technology in circuit training, with unrestricted joint movement and core activating benefits, with machine-based equipment. A challenging, yet holistic workout.

AB-SOLUTIONGreat for anyone looking to get those “killer abs.”
A quick 15-minute class that works specifically on the abdominals.


ANNIHILATION Great for anyone who is an active exerciser looking for a challenging workout.
Will utilize athletic and functional movements through resistance platforms such as free weights, body weight, and dynamic equipment. Spend an hour on the turf and work the circuit to get ready for the most efficient, intense and fun workout!

CLUB FITT-ER Great for anyone wanting to get stronger with a focus on moving properly.
Train for life in this class setting. The class moves progressively.

CLUB HIIT Great for the active exerciser that is looking for the High-Intensity workout.
Every muscle and every modality will be used to challenge you in this high-intensity workout. Designed to be the best of the best, while pushing yourself to the limit. Maximize your athletic potential!

Exercise needs change along with our bodies. Understand a “doable” workout that is appropriate for a maturing body. The focus is on posture, balance, and strengthening.

Result driven workout that helps you lose weight and build muscle focusing on the needs of senior exercisers.

We make it easy to get into our Functional Fitness Classes.  Our TRX and CFX classes are easy to sign up for! Just visit or call the Service Desk or sign on to Empower M.E to Sign up. 22 hours in advance is recommended.

All other FREE to Member classes are no sign-up…just show up!

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