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Private LessonsOngoing
Lessons are available for 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute lengths of time. Lesson days and times are booked through the individual Tennis Professional.

High Performance Junior Tennis Programs:
With a combination of two practices a week and weekend match-play, these programs emphasize skill development, fun, teamwork, and friendly competition. Practices include stroke production, strategy for playing points, footwork and movement, court positioning, shot selection and sportsmanship. Players will also learn and practice all the skills necessary to become comfortable and confident to compete. On the weekends, our Elite Teams compete against teams from different clubs, of similar age and ability. In each match-up, there will be boys singles matches, girls singles matches, boys doubles, girls doubles and mixed doubles. Players are also encouraged to attend our Friday evening Junior Ladder & Tournament Training sessions and participate in USTA sanctioned events.

10U USTA Elite TeamFall | Winter | Spring | Summer

12U USTA Elite TeamFall | Winter | Spring | Summer

14U USTA Elite TeamFall | Winter | Spring | Summer

18U USTA Elite TeamFall | Winter | Spring | Summer

Junior Development Tennis Programs:

Preschool (3–5 Years  Old) – Fall I | Fall II | Winter I | Winter II | Spring | Summer
Our QuickStart Method for preschool is designed to bring kids into the game in a new, exciting, fun-filled environment through the use of softer balls, modified court and net sizes.

QuickStart (5–8 Years  Old) – Fall I | Fall II | Winter I | Winter II | Spring | Summer
Our QuickStart Red Ball Program allows kids to learn, rally and play quickly in a way that is both enjoyable and rewarding. Correct racquet length, slow balls and smaller courts enable our kids to have longer rallies and youngster will be thriving in no time.

Orange Ball (8–10 Years  Old) – Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer
Our weekly curriculum has been developed using USTA guidelines and focuses on strengthening players’ basic skills, proper stroke technique, footwork and grips. While learning and developing their game, students are expected to have fun and enjoy being on the court.

Green Ball (10–13 Years  Old) – Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer
This USTA program focuses on rally and match play strategy. Weekly curriculum intends to improve players’ topspin strokes and their performance, shot selection, court positioning and patterns of play. Friday’s Junior Ladder sessions are encouraged.

High School (13–18 Years  Old) – Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer
Players train in an intense environment through drills and live-ball exercises. Practices focus on major stroke consistency including different types of serves and approach shots on both singles and doubles match play strategy. Friday’s Junior Ladder or Tournament Training sessions are encouraged.

Excellence (13–18 Years  Old) – Fall | Winter | Spring | Summer
Designed to take players to a whole new level, this program will focus on shot selection, footwork, tactics and strategies. Major focus is also placed on mental toughness and physical preparation. Our staff will also guide players with tournament scheduling and Friday’s Tournament Training sessions are encouraged.

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Play Days Ongoing

Junior LadderOngoing

Tournament Trainings  Ongoing

Summer Tennis CampView all Sessions
Campers receive a comprehensive, solid foundation of tennis knowledge and learn to respect for the ideals of good sportsmanship. Emphasis is placed on stroke-production, tactics and strategies during match-play. Camp runs during weekdays rain or shine. We offer air-conditioned indoor as well as outdoor courts. All levels are welcome!

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