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Batting Cages USA – a whole new ball game...
Batting Cages USA has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing knotted netting.  In fact, quality netting is all we do…we are the netting performance specialists.  From the backyard to the big league, our products are proudly manufactured in the USA from the finest domestic and imported raw materials  and sold at factory direct pricing.

The Ball Stops Here – A great batting cage starts with great netting that stops balls, protects players and lasts for seasons.  We use only high tenacity yarn, twisted and knotted for strength, and fabricated by our experienced team.

Factory Direct – We guarantee factory direct pricing.  You won’t find a better batting cage at a better price.

Nylon vs. Polyethylene (HDPE) – We offer batting cages in both Nylon and HDPE to satisfy every application and budget.

Knotted vs. Knotless – Knotted nets are stronger…it’s a fact.  Knotted nets offer superior strength and endurance because of the three-strand twisted construction of the twine.

Solution Dyed Black vs. Conventional Dip-and-Dye – our black color and UV inhibitors are added into the yarn during the extrusion process.  The Solution Dyed process insures the net will never fade or bleed even after years of use.

All Products Made in the USA – our batting cages and other sports netting products are proudly manufactured in the USA from the finest domestic and imported raw materials.
If you do not see the exact product that you are looking for, please contact us at 800-233-8396 or sales@battingcagesusa.comcreate new email and inquire about custom orders.

OFFER: $250 off any installation

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