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I help people get healthy so they can live fuller, happier lives. So many people are being held back by their health; they may always have had stomach pain, they’re exhausted as they’re not sleeping well, their anxiety is stopping them from doing the things they want to do or they just simply need something to shift their energy and focus.

As an herbalist and a holistic practitioner, I support my clients teaching them simple ways to incorporate these changes into their life which make big differences.  I will hold their  hand as they  go through the journey of eliminating what is blocking them.  It can be as simple as dealing with daily stress to as complicated as a diagnosed health condition.

I work in conjunction with them on creating a customized plan. I encourage each person to work at a pace they feel comfortable with. Some people want to change everything at one time, but for most people baby steps are necessary. My number one goal when working with clients is to help them feel their best. Just because today they suffer from a disease, doesn’t mean that they are stuck with it forever. Change is possible.  Together we work to incorporate delicious, healthy food, water and simple lifestyle changes which create powerful shifts.

10% off consultation and 15 Minute free “get acquainted” session.

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