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A unique, charitable apparel company, House of Gold Apparel offers high quality, vintage inspired screen print designs in an effort to support and create awareness of local nonprofit organizations. Not only are our designs one of a kind, but are also hand printed in house on premium clothing selected for fit and comfort. Each unique shirt is hand made individually with care.

House of Gold Apparel was inspired by our family rescue dog Ari (Gold), an American Staffordshire terrier, commonly referred to as a “pit bull”.  We didn’t truly realize the unrelenting bias and negative stigma people hold against these dogs until experiencing it first hand, propelling us to bring knowledge to the situation. We started with the goal to raise awareness of the love and companionship pitbulls can bring- But we didn’t want to stop there. We know there are abundant problems that need to be amended and that with our idea executed properly, we could assist endless charities and provoke awareness to any problem.

At House of Gold Apparel we foster the belief that anyone can contribute to aiding in the solution to any problem. Our mission is to increase awareness of significant issues among the general public, and inspire action and relief within the world and community. In addition to raising awareness, we donate 20% of our proceeds from House of Gold Apparel to support a relevant charity. Check them out on our “featured charity” page.

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