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I have taught piano for over thirty five years to students of all ages and various levels of knowledge. Some come to me as beginners, others are proficient pianists looking for more specialized instructions. I received my education in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia (former Soviet Union) and made my first stage appearance at the age of 8 performing F minor piano concerto by J.S. Bach. My teacher, Svetlana Kapranova, was graduated from Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow and was a voluntary student of famous Heinrich Neuhaus. She endowed to me her 50 years of knowledge and experiences, and I am proud to carry on her virtues.

During my study I was working as a teachers assistant and by graduation, I had become not only a concert pianist, but also a piano teacher. With time, I have become even more passionate about teaching and decided  focus primarily on teaching the piano. Teaching piano is very different from teaching any other course because a piano lesson is always one-on-one with the student, is personal, and each student ‘s needs must be addressed directly – there is no “one recipe”. Every student has musical talent and it is the teacher’s job to find the key to that talent and to nurture  it, and teach the child to love music and develop their own relationship with it. Individual sessions give me the opportunity to craft individual lessons and pass on my passion for music to all my students.

OFFER: First lesson is free and second lesson is half price for Club Fit members.

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