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Sep 27 2022


7:15 pm - 8:45 pm

Arm Balance Series $ – Adrea Robles

Join Adrea for this three-week series designed to get you off your feet and on your hands! We’ll focus on the proper foundation, work to build strength, and flow through poses designed to open your hips and shoulders. We’ll move past the fear that holds us back into the fearless state that lifts us into the air all while having fun and sweating. Learn tricks, cheats, and other exercises that help to get you into the pose easily and enjoy the health benefits that come from the yoga class. (IntermediateAdvanced)

PRICING Members: $135 & Non-Members: $160

BIO: Adrea brings to her classes her sense of fun and play, plus an in-depth knowledge of anatomy she learned through her massage practice and over 14 years of teaching yoga. Her sequences are creative and designed to build confidence as you challenge yourself in new ways. She teaches at the Club Wednesdays at 6:15pm and offers massage sessions on Wednesday afternoons.

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