Club Fit | David Swope Educational Scholarship

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In 1973 David Swope and his business partner, Beth Beck, founded Club Fit. In early 2018 David passed away and Club Fit and our communities suffered a great loss.

In addition to being enthusiastic about creating health clubs that foster a sense of community and providing top notch expertise and facilities, David was passionate about helping everyone have access to educational opportunities. To honor his name and the great work he dedicated his life to here at Club Fit and in our communities, we have created the David Swope Educational Scholarship.

Each year, we will be selecting two Club Fit staff members (one per club) to receive scholarships of $1,000 each.

To qualify for this scholarship, staff must be:

  • Employed with Club Fit for at least one year
  • Be a staff member in good standing
  • Currently attend or be accepted to start at a local college or higher learning educational center
  • Be employed at Club Fit at the time of the scholarship decision and payment
Staff interested in applying for this scholarship should complete this application form.

The application for the David Swope Educational Scholarship is no longer accepting responses this year. The application will reopen in the Spring of next year.