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Marc Quintiliani

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Head USA Swim Coach / Water Safety Instructor

Coach Marc Quintiliani has a passion for swimming. He loves his swimmers and wants to push them as much as possible to exceed expectations. Instilling a lifelong love of swimming and being honest and respectful are the cornerstones to his approach. Coach Marc swam competitively for 10 years. As a swimmer he competed in the Junior Olympics, County Championships and State meets. Coach Marc has trained swimmers to compete in the Junior Olympics and place in the top 20 and trained 8 & under swimmers to place in the top 10.

Coach Marc is a graduate of Hackley School and was recruited for soccer to Allegheny College on a scholarship. He received acclaim from Best of Westchester Magazine for being a “…patient and caring instructor…” in their August 2010 edition. He was also was featured in an article in the Fall 2014 River Journal. Coach Marc has been teaching swimming for over 10 years and coaching for five. He enjoys watching his swimmers compete and helping them learn how to treat their peers with respect.


“I am very happy that the swim lessons of my son with Marc Quintiliani have been a wonderful experience and exceeded my highest expectations. Marc built a balanced, nurturing relationship with my son and further improved it during the past 8 months to the level that he eats his broccoli to keep these lessons going, and carries a water bottle just to look like his instructor. In addition, the progress in his swimming skills were always observable from week to week. He was so scared to try even floating when he started; now they are working on different strokes. Marc is one of the few people who is able to manage my son’s extreme energy level without any complaints and keep him interested for this long. It has been a pleasure to work with him as he is flexible, rarely cancels, and always on time.” – Selcen