Club Fit | Exercise Classes

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Aquatic Exercise Classes

Reminder: Please take a rinse shower before entering the pool!

Cardio Splash:
Use the resistance of the water to improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance and flexibility. All levels.

Deep Water Workout:
Non-impact workout in deep pool using flotation belts.  Works on cardio, toning and strength.

H20 Walking:
Taught by certified instructors using non-impact moves to improve flexibility, tone, joint mobility and endurance.

Aqua Zumba:
is a pool party! Dance your heart out to salsa, merengue, cha-cha…etc. You’ll work against resistance from the water, get your heart rate up and have a blast without ever realizing it’s a workout. The end result is a slimmer, healthier, happier you. Join the party!!!


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