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Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons
Instruction available for the phobic, beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer of any age. Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons are great for adults who want to improve their swimming and are recommended for anyone who is fearful of the water.

Parent-Tot Swim Lessons
For children ages 6 months – 3 years. A parent or caregiver is in the water for each class, acting as a co-instructor. The goal is to build confidence to ease the transition into independent lessons. Toddlers enjoy exploring water activities that promote the development of arm and leg movements as well as breath control.

Pre-School Swim Lessons
For children ages 3 – 5 years who are ready to take independent lessons with an American Red Cross certified instructor in a group class setting. This class is intended for a child whom has never taken lessons, might be afraid of the water, and won’t put their face in. Teacher assists with everything. Teaches basic swim and safety skills.

Kids’ Swim Lessons
Various Kids Swim classes ranging from those who are afraid, uncomfortable or cannot do anything on their own in the water, to those who are able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke. The objective of our Kids’ Swim Lessons are to help the child feel comfortable in the water and learn the basics of swimming or for kids class is to refine freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, and well as introduce butterfly, flip turns and diving.

Swim Team
For children ages 5–18 years old. Our medium-sized swim team practices out of Club Fit Jefferson Valley. Swim Team includes training with ASCA-certified coaches, swim meet entries, USA registration and swim cap. We have a great coaching staff that works closely with swimmers to properly teach and improve technique with all strokes.

Swim Team Clinic
This clinic is for children around the ages of 8–13 years old who are comfortable in an American Red Cross Kids Level 4. Participants may be interested in eventually joining a swim team. Each week will consist of a one hour class. All four competitive strokes, turns and starts will be taught in depth, drawing on hydrodynamic principles. The objective will be to increase stroke efficiency and correctness as well as gain ideas to use in participants’ own swim workouts.

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