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Jefferson Valley
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NEW Session begins December 3rd!

Work your body and mind by learning choreographed routines to music from today’s top hits, hip-hop, jazz, and Broadway.

UNLEASH YOUR INNER DANCER! Ages 12 and older, please.

The choreography is taught in each class for the first 3 weeks of the session. In addition, you can get extra help with the terminology and breakdown of Dance•ol•ogy routines if you arrive early to class and join in Learn the Steps.

Classes are one hour.

Learn the Steps
In order to better suit your needs, Learn the Steps is offered in the second 2 weeks of each session, in addition to regular classes.

Check out our YouTube page for updated videos to Learn the Steps for the new sessions.

Next Class:
February 18, 2019
10:10AM - 11:10AM
Studio 1, Jefferson Valley

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