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Jefferson Valley
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The best way to combat the effects of age, wear & tear, and over-use is with a well-designed exercise program. Without a well-planned corrective-exercise based program, these effects are life inhibitors. However, with the right goals, guidance and motivation, a more active lifestyle is attainable!

Drive Function will focus on concepts such as movement efficiency, core & total body stability, and mobility & balance. Stimulate those muscles used commonly during daily tasks, and improve your ability to move throughout your daily routine with strength and efficiency.

Our Drive Function trainers have extensive experience working with people whose primary goal is to increase the functionality of movement, and to ease movements for quality of life. Working towards this goal is dependent on knowing limitations, but not being afraid to push them. They are skilled in the art of pushing people to the point of getting a great workout without pushing too far.

We have the tools to help you succeed. Our new equipment, paired with metrics such as relative core strength, flexibility tests, balance tests, and range of motion tests, will ensure you see improvement regularly!

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Members may sign up 22 hours prior to the start of every class via our Member Login portal, visiting the Reception Desk or calling the club. Classes have limited space and are capped at 15 participants. 

Contact us if you have questions.


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