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Jefferson Valley
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If you have always wanted to push your strength limits, then our Drive Perform class is for you. Drive Perform is designed to mimic a more traditional strength and conditioning program, as used by athletes, competitors, and others who want to push the limits of their body.

Drive Perform will be a strategic strength and conditioning program designed to cue and instruct exercises, teach movement patterns, and provide you the tools to establish a foundation for a strength and conditioning program.

Drive Perform will help you become more explosive, stronger and more conditioned. The program is designed to maximize proximal stability in pursuit of peak distal power and mobility. This will be attained through methodical teaching and improvement upon Olympic and power lifts (cleans, squats, bench press, deadlifts) in conjunction with vital accessory movements and intense conditioning work. This will ensure your body is working towards firing on all cylinders.

Our strength-specific trainers all have successful experience in strength and conditioning settings, and have the skills to help motivate you towards becoming the strongest and most explosive you have ever been! We will gauge progress in this program through the use of rep maxes and conditioning tests.

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Members may sign up 22 hours prior to the start of every class via our Member Login portal, visiting the Reception Desk or calling the club. Classes have limited space and are capped at 15 participants. 

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