Club Fit | Class HIIT Elite

HIIT Elite

Jefferson Valley
Member: $20.00
Non-member: $28.00
Child of member: N/A
$20/class or $72 for 4 classes for members
$28/class or $104.40 for 4 classes for non-members

4-Week Outdoor Session | Tuesday, November 17th–December 8th | 4:30 pm.

Gradually work harder for 1-minute followed by 2-3 minutes of active recovery ‘til you drop.
Feel like a million bucks as you drag what feels like a thousand pound limbs.

Benefits are:

•   Phenomenal conditioning through ballistic moves
•   Increased body efficiency in metabolic waste removal
•   Continuous calorie burning after the workout

Registration and form required, one week prior to session start date.

Next Class:
December 8, 2020
04:30PM - 05:30PM
Outdoor Energy Lot, Jefferson Valley

Contact us if you have questions.


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