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Karate Kids

Jefferson Valley
Member: $112.00
Non-member: $179.00
Child of member: $160.00

8-week session January 8th – March 5th
no class 2/19

Kids ages 4-11 | Fridays, 4:30–5:15 pm

Training in Karate offers many physical benefits: enhanced strength, fitness and stamina, grace and fighting ability, as well as mental and spiritual benefits.

Skills taught will include stances, blocks, punches and kicks, but you will also learn balance and coordination, and how to flow smoothly from one movement to the next. The class is open to practitioners of any level, and participants will be able to progress to the next appropriate belt.

Participants will be expected to follow the Karate rules:

  • No shoes in class
  • Feet must be clean, with toenails trimmed
  • When entering or exiting the mat, always bow and say “Osu”
  • Always line up to the left of senior students
  • Hand shake with two hands and bow to higher rank
  • Address higher rank by proper titles
  • Advanced students always yield to lower ranked students when fighting
  • No jewelry
  • No food or drinks while training
  • No talking

Shihan Kenji Suzuki, who will instruct the class, is a 5th degree black belt in both Karate and Judo. His rank of Shihan signifies that he is master of Karate. He has been studying and teaching for over 15 years, at The World Oyama Karate Headquarters in Manhattan. He teaches Japanese full contact Karate.

Minimum of 5 participants to run class. Please submit registration 24 hours prior to class date and time

Contact us if you have questions.


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