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Parisi Intro to Weight Lifting

Jefferson Valley
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An Intro to Weight Lifting for Teens

January 29th – March 5th

Many parents are concerned that lifting weights will stunt their child’s growth. This is NOT true!
Improper technique can lead to injuries, which can then stunt a child’s growth.

This class will have an emphasis on utilizing a proper warm up and technique in order to avoid injury and development of bad habits while performing weight training exercises. Class runs for one hour, and includes a 10-minute warm up, 45 minutes of exercise, and five minutes of cool down. Emphasis on developing proper technique in the three main compound lifts; bench, deadlift, and squat.

Strength is the foundation to which sport specific movements can be built upon. By providing a young athlete with the skills to be proficient in the main compound lifts, less time will be spent on the fundamentals and more on the load later in life.

With the proper strength and conditioning programming, a progressive overload will be placed on each athlete, preventing injury while overreaching just enough to stimulate muscle fibers and neuromuscular adaptations.

Space is limited! Class size is kept to a six-participant maximum, ensuring each child receives individual attention.

Ages 12–18

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