Club Fit | Class Yamuna Body Rolling Workshop

Yamuna Body Rolling Workshop

Jefferson Valley
Member: $35.00
Non-member: $56.00
Child of member: N/A

With Scott Verardo.

De-stress, open tight areas, elongate/expand muscle fibers and improve range of motion in this small group setting offering individual assistance.

2-hour workshops to targe specific areas of the body.
Second Sundays of each month:

Hips/Pelvis and Legs – 3/10
Back and Spine – 4/14
Shoulders and Neck – 5/12
Foot Fitness – 6/9

Who should take it?:
• Anyone who needs to destress their tired body
• Members with limited range of motion
• Beginning or current Pilates students who seek to open up or further elongate
• Members seeking edgy or new-age approach to conventional fitness
Benefits are:
• Multidimensional elongation of muscle fibers
• Transversal and diagonal expansion of muscle fibers
• Functional evaluation and therapeutic uses towards multiple conditions in the medical field
• Multiple target areas to treat superficial skin, fasciae, muscle fibers tendons, ligaments, bones, internal organs, and the nervous system

Registration and form required, one week prior to session start date.

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