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DRIVE /drīv/

1. operate and control direction
2. propel or carry along by force in a specified direction
3. urge or force to move in a specified direction
4. compel to act in a particular way

1. a trip or journey
2. an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need
3. an organized effort by a number of people to achieve a particular purpose

DRIVE is fitness programming designed to fit your needs. Comprising four separate goal-based programs — Burn, Endure, Perform, Function — DRIVE ensures that you are participating in the workout that will most directly lead you towards where you want to be! Drive Burn is dedicated to the most common fitness goal in our country today: weight loss. Burn will help you implement tools to get more efficiency out of your workouts to help you drop pounds and improve body composition. Drive Endure is designed for those who love to push the limits. This program is targeted to help improve cardiovascular and anaerobic glycolytic function in the body. Drive Function focuses on concepts including movement efficiency, core and total body stability, and mobility and balance to help you move as strong and efficiently as possible. These movements and exercises will help stimulate muscles used commonly during daily tasks, and will improve ability to move throughout your daily routine. Drive Perform is designed to mimic a traditional strength and conditioning program used by athletes, competitors, and others who want to push the limits of their bodies.

DRIVE is a unique, small group training class in which the focus is on goal-based programming. Members will be grouped together according to similar goals, whether it be to lose weight, improve their athletic performance, increase their endurance, or improve their physical ability due to aging or injury. Based on those goals our team of personal trainers will create specific exercise programs for each participant, with different metrics being used to track individual progress throughout the month to make adjustments when needed.

What's Your DRIVE?
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Members may sign up 22 hours prior to the start of every class via our Member Login portal visiting the Reception Desk or calling the club. Classes have limited space and are capped at 15 participants. 

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