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What is Fit3D?

Located in the Fitness area at Club Fit, The FIT3D ProScanner is the only 3D Body Scanning Machine Developed for Fitness and Wellness Facilities By Veterans in the Fitness and Wellness Industry.


“Much different and more comprehensive than a member just having us eyeball their posture up against an alignment chart on the wall  and having the trainer verbally explain things, the Fit3D scanner allows the member to see any postural distortions from all views; anterior, lateral & posterior. Corrective exercise is easier to do and track results and improvements for the member to witness firsthand. Great training and assessment tool to have at our disposal!”
Jen Schildwachter, Personal Trainer, Club Fit Jefferson Valley

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Powerful Images Drive Motivation • See Progress in Inches Lost • Simple Data that Speaks For Itself 

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