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Kids unleash their inner chef by making their own pizza or taco, customizing it with their choice of toppings, followed by games in the gym.

Let your little bakers explore their creativity by decorating their own cupcakes! We supply the toppings, and they create an edible masterpiece! Decorating will be followed by fun games and our bounce house inflatable in the gym.

Bounce and slide in our bounce house and our double slide obstacle course inflatables. This is a dynamic party.

GAGA PARTY ages 6+
A fast-paced, high energy sport played in our octagonal inflatable pit. A gentler version of dodgeball. The game is played with a soft foam ball and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running and jumping while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees.

JOUST ages 7+
Try to knock your friends off their pedestal in this high energy party!

Turn your party into a laser tag arena with our laser tag equipment. Up to 4 teams can play in this riveting tag game! In our laser tag parties, players compete in a variety of games including: capture the flag and hide and seek, in an attempt to find and a tag opposing players with high- tech lasers. For added fun and difficulty, obstacles on the field allow for multi-strategic planning opportunities to help your team be victorious. FUN FOR all ages.

Show off your best dance moves while moving and grooving to your favorite party music!
Complete with a professional DJ and dance lights! *Subject to availability. 

MAZE DAZE ages 1-4
A party geared towards our littlest members! This party is customized to your toddler’s interests! You can choose activities such as bubbles, tunnels, tents, scooters, beam, mats and parachutes and are all part of this high energy blast! Activities are loosely structured to allow for free play as well!

SPORTS & MORE ages 5+
Running bases, tag, relay races, dodgeball, soccer, kickball, and more!  Pick 2-3 games to fill your hour.

SURF & BOUNCE ages 7+
A 2-hour party, enjoy 45 minutes in the pool, followed by 45 minutes of our Dynamic Inflatables in the gym!

SURF & GAGA ages 7+
Two hours: 45 minutes in the pool, 45 minutes of our Inflatable Gaga Pit in the gym.

SURF & LASER ages 7+
A 2-hour party, enjoy 45 minutes in the pool, followed by 45 minutes of laser tag in the gym!

SURF & TURF ages 7+
Two hours: 45 minutes in the pool, 45 minutes in the gym playing sports.

WET & WILD ages 7+
Wacky water games, waterfall, free play.


We will even love to celebrate your Adult Party with you!

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