Club Fit | Massage Benefits-JV

Young woman taking a massage

  • Provide anything from soothing relaxation to deeper therapy for specific physical problems.
  • Relieve your stress and anxiety.
  • Increase the nourishing blood supply to your tissues.
  • Improve your energy and alertness.
  • Aid your recovery from pulled muscles or sprained ligaments.
  • Ease many of the uncomfortable stresses of childbearing, including edema, backaches, and exhaustion.
  • Relieve certain repetitive motion injuries related to on-the-job activities.
  • Greatly reduce your pain if you suffer from such problems as temporary mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Compensate, at least in part, for lack of exercise and muscular contraction if you’re a person who, because of age, injury, or illness, is forced to remain inactive.
  • Hasten the elimination of waste and toxic debris that are stored in your muscles.
  • Increase the interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells.
  • Heighten the oxygenation to the tissues.
  • Stimulate the relaxation response within your nervous system.

“Brian Weston is the best massage person I have ever had. The guy has gold hands. He certainly deserves some recognition!” – Marissa

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