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Save when you purchase packages of 4 or 12 massages!

Traditional Massages Four Pack Twelve Pack
Member $300  $880
Non-Member Surcharge +$120 +$330
Premium Massages Four Pack Twelve Pack
Member  $340  $990
Non-Member Surcharge +$120 +$330

Traditional Massages

Signature Swedish Massage
Enjoy our signature massage. Your Swedish massage is complimented with the use of a heated cherry stone sachet to ease away stress and enhance your relaxation.

The literal translation is “finger pressure.” Shiatsu uses palming, finger pressure and stretch to bring about change and smooth flow of energy or “Qi” throughout the meridians of the body.

Back, Neck and Shoulders
Concentration is on the areas where stress tends to accumulate.

Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic drainage is a delicate form of massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improves metabolism, helps the body to eliminate waste and toxins and provides a boost to the immune system.

Sports Massage
Various techniques are used to release excess tension and increase flexibility of sports-specific muscles.  This treatment will stimulate circulation, relieve muscle soreness, increase range of motion and re-energize the body.

Member   $90
Non-Member Surcharge $30

Premium Massages

Deep Tissue Massage
Do you prefer a deep, intense massage experience? Is chronic pain a problem for you? Deep tissue massage addresses the deeper muscle layers to relieve chronic pain and muscle tension.

Myofascial Release
This technique stretches the fascia to release the adhesions between fascia and muscle. The goal is to eliminate pain, increase range of motion and balance the body.

Prenatal Massage
Using our pregnancy table, this nurturing massage helps relieve low back pain, sciatica and cramping muscles.

Reflexology is a pressure point foot massage of the hands and/or feet in certain areas that correspond directly to organs in the body that need balance.

Member   $90
Non-Member Surcharge $30

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment uses heated basalt stones for a deep and penetrating massage experience.

Member   $105
Non-Member Surcharge $30

Chair Massage

Take Time for You! Available for walk-ins only. Ask about availability at the Reception Desk.

10 minutes $12


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

 Member Non-Member 
Member $80  $105
Mini $12
Trial – 30 min. $48

For an appointment, call the Reception Desk at (914) 245-4040.

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