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Jefferson Valley
Kids & Teens
Level: I - Adult Beginner
Level: II - Adult Intermediate
Level: III - Adult Advanced

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1) Refresh this page often to see most up to date schedule.
2) For members, click here to register for classes and pool lanes up to 22 hours in advance.
3) Go to our policies page for our current safety and club policies.
4) Try a class from our Virtual Library or Livestreamed Classes if you can’t get to the Club for one of your favorite classes. Our library brings our instructors to you when you need it.
5) Outdoor classes are now listed on the schedule. Standby class participants may join the outdoor classes space and equipment permitting. At Jefferson Valley, if the Outdoor class goes INDOORS for inclement weather, Standby’s cannot enter, unless there is a no-show/un enrolled member, and space is available at the discretion of the instructor. At Briarcliff, if weather does not hold up, or temperatures falls below 40 degrees, the class will be canceled.
Need help choosing or registering for a class? Email bradvisor@clubfit.comcreate new email for Briarcliff or jvadvisor@clubfit.comcreate new email for Jefferson Valley.

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