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In addition to what is listed below, lifeguards and staff are taking extra time to sanitize high touch points around the aquatics facility as well as pool equipment.  All staff must be screened before reporting to work, and enter their results into a system that tracks who is in the building and at what times, for easy record keeping. You’ll notice your instructor wearing a face shield as well for in water lessons. Below is some info you should know in order to best prepare for your child’s first day back.

  1. Everyone will be screened before entering the building, including a temperature check. You will then proceed to the front desk, where they will check you into the building. Members can scan themselves in, and non members can give their child’s name who is taking the lesson. Please leave a few extra minutes for this process, but note you cannot enter the building more than 15 minutes before your appointment time.
  2. There are towels available in the locker rooms, as well as shower access. Please read the shower cards before using, as there is a system in place to know which showers need to be sanitized after each use. At this time the family changing rooms on the pool deck are open, however the showers inside are not.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times while in the Aquatics facility, except while in the pool. We ask that your child keeps their mask on until they arrive in their assigned lane with their instructor, and then replace it once they exit the lesson. Please only bring one spectator per child, to allow for easier social distancing on the pool deck while you wait. Drops offs are allowed for older children.
  4. If you wish to bring your own equipment that your child normally uses (goggles, rings, flippers etc) feel free! Staff will be sanitizing our normal teaching tools in between use. Please note we do not have “lost and found” goggles to borrow anymore, but they are available for purchase at the front desk.
  5. The pools are operating on a reservation-based system only. Due to this, it is imperative that you are prompt to your lesson, or lose the missed time. There could be a lane booking by another lesson or member right before or after your child. Lanes are only to be shared by members in the same household, or children all participating in the same group lesson.
  6. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot allow children to have free play time before or after their lesson. Your child can only be in the pool during their assigned lesson period. There could be another lesson, or a member reservation in your lane immediately following your child. This includes siblings waiting for one another to finish.
  7. To accommodate social distancing in group lessons, you may notice your instructor placing your child in a different spot than usual.
    1. For group lessons in a lap lane, there will be colored dots marking “starting spots” on the pool deck next to their lane. Each child will be assigned a color to start and stop at.
    2. For preschool lessons, we will be using 2 docks that will be placed together, facing each other in the water instead of the usual 1. Each child will be assigned a “corner”, and one child will be rotated out with the instructor.
  8. Payment can only be done via credit card either over the phone, or in person with Liz or Rachel in the Aquatics office. If you normally pay each week, or you need to purchase a new package or session of group lessons, please ask Liz or Rachel to run your card while you’re here, or call ahead of time. We strongly encourage calling ahead of time to prepay for group sessions.

Below are some links to some products we have been using to clean and sanitize, as well as info about our MIOX system used in the pools as well!

MIOX system:

Viking Pure:


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